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5 Unique ways of celebrating Diwali

Diwali is the festivals of lights and celebration. But, many youngsters refrain from bursting crackers since they fear environmental pollution and harm to animals.

So, how can we change the way we celebrate Diwali and still keep up the tradition?

The idea is simple – minimal or zero environmental damage, self-happiness and reviving  the old idea of Diwali by celebrating joy, prosperity, and light

1.Use the first day of Diwali to give your stuff

  •  Many kids in India, don’t have enough food, water or even shelter
  • If you give your toys, old books, blankets etc to an NGO so they’ll give it to the poor families.
  • Trust me, the feeling you get when you help someone is the best feeling ever.

2. Use rangoli as a way to bring awareness or to promote art.

  • The age-old dots and flowers are of no use.
  • Use your creative imagination which you had buried, to show your work to the world.
  • Take part in rangoli contests and win prizes. It will boost your confidence.
  • You need not be a girl to draw a rangoli (common dude its 21st century).
  • It’s the best time to show your artistic talents.
  • You can also draw awareness posters.
  • Promote your rangoli on social media.

3. Hide a secret message inside every sweet box you give to your loved ones.

  • It could be your little sister, brother or even parents or friends. I’m sure they would have expected a tiny paper inside the box.
  • When they will open it, they will burst into tears.
  • You can just write a small thank you letter or just an  “I love you” message.

4. Go out with your family to a beach or a quiet place and use this time to talk to each other.

  • Usually, the city life is really messed up.
  • People don’t talk to each other. Not even the family.
  • You can use this time to know more about each other.
  • This will also help you to understand your parent’s views and will help your parents to understand your views. This will further help in solving conflicts and maintaining peace.

5. Help animals.

  • Animals get affected the most in Diwali. Their ears are very sensitive and they can get severely damaged by those loud noises
  • Thus, ensuring the street dogs and cats are safe, will help enhance your relationship with animals and will also make sure they are safe.
  • One day, when you will be in trouble, they will surely help you too. 😉


Diwali is the most fun festival. But it would be more fun if we celebrate it  BY SPREADING LOVE.

The 5 things above, will not only enhance the festival but will also enhance your mental and emotional health which will help you to be successful in life.



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