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6 less chaotic places in India where you can just RELAX.

India is known for being chaotic and in some places, it IS chaotic. But it also has a solution to its chaos – Places with so much nature and calmness that you will forget that you are in the 2nd most populated country in the world!

So here are some of the quietest and calmest places in India where you can EASILY practise yoga, meditation, or just RELAX and chill.

Note – The list is not a hierarchy.


1.Maharashtra : 


Shocked? Don’t worry, We aren’t talking about the cities. We are talking about the natural beauty and silence. Maharashtra might be infamous for having one of the noisiest places called Mumbai, It does have some insanely silent places at the same time. Apart from having huge forts, it does have some insanely nature-friendly places which give relief from the chaos in Mumbai.


2 Day Lonavala-Khandala Sightseeing Tour from Pune

Lonavla, a BEAUTIFUL hill station very close to Pune city. It is a beautiful paradise!

Pic credit 


View of Lavasa hills

Lavasa hills serve you beauty within the Lavasa city. Something like this is rarely found nowadays. The architecture you are seeing in the top left of the picture is the Lavasa main centre. Doesn’t it match with the natural beauty of the place?


Maharashtra tousrim :



2. Kerela :


Kerela is a pretty well-known place. It has greenery, tea plantations, rice paddies, and the famous – backwaters where you can just chill and think about your life. Kerela will ensure you have a chilled day with lots of coconut water and delightful food.



Kerela is also called “Gods own country”


A glimpse of nature in Kerela


Houseboats ready to take you to the backwaters


Kerela tourism website:


3. Meghalaya :


Meghalaya is the land of beautiful forests, greenery, waterfalls and so much peace that you would want to come back again and again. Its a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. It is a place so wonderful that your eyes will be delighted to be experiencing this side of nature and how nature NURTURES us.


Image result for Meghalaya visit

                Living root bridges, Nongriat village, Meghalaya.




Mawlynnong Village Meghalaya

Mawlynnong village is the cleanest village in Asia.

Pic credit 



Dawki River Meghalaya

Dawki river, a transparent river.

Pic credit 


Meghalaya tourism:



4. Himachal Pradesh :


Himachal, a lovely state in the northern part of India, is known for its breathtaking nature, flower gardens and the beautiful people. Host to the Dalai Lama, Himachal Pradesh has a strong Tibetan presence. This is reflected in its Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as its vibrant Tibetan New Year celebrations. The region is also well known for its trekking, climbing and skiing areas. You will LOVE this place!



     Dharamsala, best place for spirituality

Pic credit 




   Kasol, Hill station.

Pic credit 


 Tourism :


5. Goa : 


Many people think of Goa as a party place. But Goa is more than that. With its beautiful beaches and amazing relaxing options, you can get a party+peace atmoshpere only in Goa. Various non-toursity beaches like agonda beach are less party friendly and more peace friendly beaches. Goa steals your heart 😉



The most popular spot in Goa for one day picnics, this beach is also one of the favourites amongst the locals. Although a bit of rocky, it is counted as one amongst the least crowded beaches in Goa. Sandwiched between the Mandrem and Morjim beach, Ashwem has several beach-side resorts that offer seaside shacks to relax and rejuvenate.




Lying to the north of the Chapora River, this beach is a beautiful manifestation of sandy shoreline and is amongst the least crowded beaches of Goa. A nesting habitat for the olive ridley turtle, Morjim beach possesses a unique ecosystem that favours the growth and hatching of this species of turtles.




Pristine and alluring, Agonda Beach is the place where someone can simply relax in the company of sun, sand and sea.



All credits for Goa post go to 

(Visit the link for knowing what are the least crowded beaches in Goa)

Goa tourism:



6. Andaman Nicobar islands :


Last but not the least, the island to the east coast of India, is one of the popular yet peaceful desitnations in India. Compared to goa, it is much less crowded and is more peaceful for beach lovers. You cant end your trip to india without going to this place!



One of the sprawling white sand beaches in Andaman and close to the Alfred Caves… the Pathi Level Beach is a must visit place in Andaman for all travellers. Being an isolated beach, it is known for its abundant and unspoilt natural beauty and can be accessed by a dunghi from Kishorinagar via Ram Nagar beach.




 Ray Hill, Mayabunder, is one of the newly developed eco-tourism destinations in Andaman that houses eco guesthouses and one can indulge in several activities like elephant safaris, wilderness trail, rock climbing and angling. The Ray Hill thus allows you to explore the forest in detail, laying bare the beauty of nature and wilderness at its best




One of the popular beaches in Andaman, the Laxmanpur Beach, which is close to the Bharatpur Beach… is the perfect getaway for your trip to Andaman, as you are left with sufficient time and space to be on your own and enjoy the privacy even during the peak tourist season.



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Official tourism website –



Note :

  1. There are more peaceful places in India too but these places mentioned above, give nature+nurture which is the best experience for someone looking for peace. We will try to add other places in the next edition if possible.
  2. People keep worrying about “safety” while travelling to India but No need to worry about “safety” cause the places mentioned above, are very very safe (even for women)
  3. These places are developed enough to provide good roads and connectivity to the cities so no fear of “getting lost” somewhere.
  4. The northern states are easily connected to Delhi and the southern are easily connected to cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Mumbai is mostly connected to all of them.
  5. You can see the vlogs or visits of each place on youtube to have a better idea about them.
  6. Our content is not 100% right but these places will surely provide more peace than any other places in India.
  7. Our list is based on connectivity to cities, natural beauty, atmosphere, etc.



Hope you enjoyed reading this post

Keep travelling, keep enjoying

Namaste 🙂


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