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Working methods to get rid of social media addiction.

Social media can become an instant addiction to newcomers especially young teens. It is thus very important for them to control their urge to not get addicted and save their precious time.

1. Planning :

If you are a student, and the first priority is studying, you need to plan your social media use. You can do this by :


  • Using a whole day (eg Sunday) only for social media and not using it for other days AT ALL.
  • Using social media only in the night (tired mind will help you get bored by it easily so you have no risk of getting addition)
  • Using only 1 social media (either of Instagram/twitter/facebook and not all of them)
  • Using social media only when you have finished your homework as a reward.


2. Controlling the temptation :

Social media is made to keep you busy in it. Psychological methods are used heavily to make sure you don’t get “bored”. This is why you keep using it so often. But we have hacks to avoid their business tricks getting into our way.


  • Turn off ALL notifications. Notifications will give rise to a trigger which will take you back to Instagram again.
  • Turn off sounds. That ping sounds every now and then will make sure you don’t leave the app. Turn them off.
  • Hide the apps if you have the option to do so.
  • Make a folder instead of searching in the scroll page. This will ensure you don’t see the apps every time you surf the screen.
Image result for folder in android home
If there is a naming option, put all the social media into the folder and give the folder a name which is neutral.(neither positive triggering neither negative triggering)

3. Controlling the content :

The content you see on your social media is also the reason why you can’t keep away from it. You can do these tricks to control the content you see.

Here are tricks for each of the popular apps :


Youtube :

  • Unsubscribe from channels you don’t care about
  • DO NOT press the bell icon for random people. Press it only for the deserving people.
  • DELETE youtube search history after exit. It is used to decide videos for your homepage for the next time you log into the app.
  • DO NOT keep scrolling the homepage. It is an INFINITE scroll. It’s never gonna end.


Tumblr :

  • Turn off infinite scroll option.
  • Keep the theme boring enough so that you don’t engage in the app too much.
  • Unfollow useless accounts.


Instagram/Facebook :

  • Hide all the stories of the people who aren’t your close friends/family members.
  • UNFOLLOW all the fan pages of your favourite celebrity – they are not gonna marry you anyways; let’s face it. Stop being crazy and unfollow the fan pages immediately. Follow only 1 if necessary for “location updates” etc. The only way you can love the celebrity is by supporting their work. Follow their official accounts, not fan accounts.

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  • Take an account of what you love seeing the most ( funny videos? cat videos? food videos? ) and only keep that content as your main priority. Your Instagram feed is based on what you hit like on and what posts you keep clicking on. Same for other social media. Learn what you love the most and only hit like on that.. So now your Instagram feed is filled with cat videos. (This trick works well if you are gonna follow the planning method as well. You might do the pending work asap so that you can finally watch the cat videos peacefully at night/Sunday etc)
  • UNFOLLOW worthless accounts or hide their stories.
  • Hide your comment section if you are worried about what people will say about your posts.
  • If possible, follow NOONE. (big celebrities like Taylor Swift, Beyonce’ etc do this to stay away from anything which will bring negativity)
  • Avoid scrolling down too much its an infinite scroll.


Whatsapp :

  • Archive chats. This will help you get rid of people who don’t message you quite often.

Image result for archived chats

  • Hide stories of people whom you don’t care about.
  •  Turn off group notifications (mute chats)


4. Other methods :

If you are someone who is a businessperson, a fan account manager, blogger, youtube, you cannot stay away from social media for too long. You can use these hacks :

  • Yoga/Meditation helps develop self-control. You will be able to tell yourself to stop and your actions will also follow the same once you are into regular yoga/meditation.
  • Install apps for controlling heavy usage of social media :

  • Hire a volunteer/intern/ freelancer to manage your account for you.
  • Schedule your blogs for posting in advance so that you don’t have to open the app and do it yourself.
  • Use a proper digital camera if you can instead of using the phone camera (If the job is social media photography).


So, people, this is how you can make the most of your life by controlling social media usage and by getting rid of excessive social media exposure.

You can also seek a therapist if the addiction is out of your control. Take the help of a friend to help you avoid your triggers. Yoga/Meditation also helps alot as mentioned before.

Good luck.

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