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How to EASILY get topics for your blog …

Sometimes we have no Idea what to write about. Even after roaming a thousand gardens and sitting in the toilet for a subject, we cant come up with one. Blogging sure works on “write when it comes to your mind” but sometimes you need to be a little disciplined and need to post consistently for moving forward. And what if you don’t have a subject for like..months? You cant sit there with hands folded and do nothing about it.

That’s when you need this post.

So here are simple methods to choose a subject for your blog…

  1. Quora :

  • Surprised? How can quora give me a subject? Well, Quora has some questions which are unanswered.
  • The unanswered or less answered questions can be answered BY YOU through your BLOG.
  • You can write about it on your blog!
  • You can also link your quora answer to your blog. Views confirmed!
  • However, keep in mind that quora have some idiots answering idiotic questions too. So you need to fetch the fish very hard and find something “good” to write about.


Excerpt of a Quora page (Pic for representation purposes only)


2. WikiHow :

  • Just like Quora, wikihow has some questions which are not answered yet.
  • You can use that question as a subject for your blog.
  • Wikihow –> “HELP US” section of the menu on the far right –> “ANSWER A REQUEST” from drop-down list —> Choose the topic you know about, fetch the right question and you have a topic for your next blog post!


WikiHow link:


3. WordPress :

  • WordPress is a huge blogging website.
  • It also has a lot of blogging communities.
  • Each day, various huge pages allow sharing of topics, choosing topics, discussing topics etc.
  • Join one of them to get a topic.
  • OR, you can also view the DAILY POST, which is a WordPress blog dedicated to enhancing blogging experience and welcoming and engaging new bloggers to write good stuff. It daily posts a “one-word prompt” in which it gives you a word and you have to write an article based on that word. You can use this for getting an idea about your next article.
Excerpt of The DAILY POST (Pic for representation purposes only)


So, create a WordPress website now and strike out the worry related to “what to write about”


Note – Read the fourth point below, for the “word technique” and you can use the same for this WordPress one-word prompt method.


4. Random words :

  • Go to google, type “Random word generator ” or simply click this link.
  • You will come across many random words.
  • You can make an article based on these random words.


Word technique example :

  1. Pick a word you know about.
  2. Think about “what, where, why, how”
  3. Join it with the word and some general context.
  4. Boom! You have a topic.

Eg-  Word – “neat”

Topics –

  • HOW to keep your room neat and tidy.
  • WHY are our mothers obsessed with neatness.
  • WHAT exactly does “neatness of body and soul” mean.


5. Questions from a kid :

  • This may seem “childish” (I know I’m good at puns!) but its the best option when the internet is down.
  • Go to your nearest child and ask him what he wants to know about.
  • Some cliche questions are already answered in various blogs like “Why are stars so far”, “Why does the moon follow me?” etc.
  • But I’m sure there must be some smart kid out there who would ask a genuine question.
  • If you hate talking to kids, ask your mom what questions YOU asked as a child or ask the mother of whichever kid you know, about what he must have asked.


6. “Crook” It. 

  • Let’s say I know about gardening.
  • But I have already written a lot about gardening.
  • But now I have nothing left to write about.
  • For such situations, the crook method comes.


CROOK method :

  • Take an already done topic (by you or others)
  • CROOK IT into such a topic that you could write on it as well as it would seem new.


  • “10 gardening tools you need to have” is one topic you already have written on.
  • The crook method tells that the top tool name you had mentioned, can be picked and crooked into “Full unbiased review of  the ____ (mention company name) __ (tool name)”
  • You can also interlink both of them.
  • You can improvise it by saying “I had mentioned in my earlier post that this tool is a MUST NEED. But there are various companies which sell this tool and thus, today I am reviewing ___ (tool name) of ____ (company). It’s an unbiased and unsponsored review…”


Basically, recycling one of the last posts into a new one is the idea.


Please note:

  1. We don’t encourage any plagiarism or any copying or whatever.
  2. We are only telling people “how to SMARTLY use the available resources for getting a blog post idea.”
  3. Read disclaimer of for more information. 


We Hope you liked this post.

Good luck with your blogging.

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