Without seeing the video, know whether its worth watching or not (4 simple hacks)

When we are stuck with some technical stuff, we go to google or youtube to solve our problems. But many times the technical stuff on youtube might NOT work in reality. But can we know BEFOREHAND whether the video is accurate or not? HELL YES.

Here are some very simple tricks which you can apply to know whether ANY youtube video is worth watching or not :

1. See the comments first :

  • Everyone knows this trick so there’s not much explanation about it.
  • But some big companies FILTER the comment section and you see only good comments.
  • So if you want the real opinion, you should select “Newest first” option in the comment section instead of the “top comments” option.
  • You will have the honest opinions quickly and you can judge for yourself whether you wanna watch the video or not.



latest comments on a video on “how to have free internet”



2. See the like-dislike ratio :

  • This is also a kind of well-known thing to do but there’s also a trick in this to get a perfect idea.
  • Let’s say the likes are 6k then half is 3k. If there are more than half dislikes, (3.5k,4k) then the video is really bad.
  • Another trick is that if the dislikes are REALLY LOW like, 6k likes and 200 dislikes, (which is not even close to 1k) then its a MUST WATCH video.
  • You can also not use any tricks and still can see the like-dislike thingy easily. You just have to go with basic instincts.



something like this is what I’m talking about. The dislikes are way too high. So probably I shouldn’t watch this. (No offence to Miley though)



3. Rating :

  • There is an audience rating for every video.
  • You have to click on “filter” and then in the very left column, go to “short by” and then click on “rating”
  • You will get the best-rated video related to your search.
  • You can fairly trust the video .
  • But the page will have some videos with low views first bc the rating is according to the number of dislikes.
  • So you have to browse a little and find a verified channel or a video having rather a good amount of views like 100k+ views.



4. Top channels :

  • Go to google and type “top DIY channels” / “top mobile review channels” etc.
  • See the list.
  • Go to youtube and watch right away.
  • Bc, not all verified channels are good.
  • So this is the best way to be sure that you are getting the best stuff without wasting time on youtube.




So that’s it for today guys

Comment down below if you have more tricks.

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