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Indian food : A paradise for vegans and vegetarians? Know how and what to eat..

Being a vegetarian or a vegan is generally hard but not in India. India was traditionally a vegetarian country since all its religions prohibited the killing of animals. Over the years, some food items and their cooking methods have been changed and non-vegetarian food has been introduced. But the vegetarian and vegan options are still here to stay.

Thali is a meal consisting of wheat/rice items along with curry, pickles, salad and/or fried items. It is the daily meal of India (yes we eat it daily) although variations are there in daily life during get-together’s, the thali is always made.

India is a very diverse place and each state has its own cuisine and culture. Generally, north Indian thali is composed of vegetarian food and southern and northeastern thali consists of meat items. ( exceptions still exist in each case )

Some of the most popular and best-rated thali’s are from :

                                      Tamil Nadu

Note: Before ordering ANY thali, you can actually tell them to not include any meat items or animal produce items. They can remove it and won’t charge you. The basic items are also not made of animals or animal products. So no fear of missing out on something just because you’re vegan.

Tip : If you are eating with your hand, you have to use the right hand and tear the corner of the roti/naan, fold it, then dip it in curry or veggies and then eat it. This is the only way you can eat roti/naan it cant be eaten with a spoon. Rice can be eaten with a spoon though.



2. Indian snacks :

Indian snack items are 90% of the time – veterinarian. So you gotta try them they are delicious and really tasty.

The best part is that they can be cooked at home easily in very less time.

Here are some Indian snacks : (all vegetarian/customizable to vegan)

Vada with green and red chutney
Kaai murukku
Bread pakora
Chiwda Namkeen - An Indian Snacks Recipe
Chivda namkeen

There are also some snack companies which sell these in packets. Just like chips are sold.

Tip: It is the best when it’s all dippy-dippy. Ketchup is the best to dip these in if you don’t have chutney.



3. Evening food :

“evening food” might sound odd but there are some food items which are usually eaten in the evening. So I call these “evening food”. These take time to prepare but they really taste the best. You can make it at home but it tastes the best when the restaurant makes it.

Some even eat it at night but usually, a person will eat it in evening. Anyways let’s move ahead…

Here I present to you the some of the most delicious evening food ever (all vegetarian/customizable to vegan):-

pav.bhaji (1)
Pav bhaji
Pani puri/Puchnka/Water balls/ Golgappa
Mendu vada
Masala Dosa

4 Indo- Chinese and Indo-Mexican food :

India loves the Chinese and Mexican cuisine. Chinese cuisine is so popular since ages, that it has been transformed into Indian versions. Mexican is new here, but still it is converted into Indo-Mexican too. We love to transform our favourite foreign foods 🙂

All of these are vegetarian/ customizable to vegan :

Indo-Chinese food :

Manchurian with rice
Schezwan dosa

Indo Mexican food :

Indian Taco
Nacho chips with chutney and vegetable curry
Indo-Mexican rice



4. The Indian version of your fast food giants :

Fast food is very popular in India. McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos etc have its outlets everywhere and they have to serve some vegetarian food because of the huge vegetarian population.

These are a must try : (vegetarian/customizable to vegan) :

Dominos veg pizza
Burger king vegetarian menu
KFC special veg paneer zinger



India always will be vegetarian paradise for all travelers.

Fun fact: Jainism (religion originated from Hinduism and make 2% of Indian population) prohibits to eat vegetables originated from the ground ( it prohibits the absolute killing of animals as well as small insects or even microorganisms). So every Indian restaurant also has a Jain special item which does not contain potatoes, tomatoes etc.

Have a good day!

And don’t shy away to try these foods. Every person, whether he’s non-veterinarian, vegetarian or vegan, has its place in this world.

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