Modern day life.

Modern day gift ideas for your loved one

Whether it’s your friend, your college, your boss, your younger sister, or your mom, these gift ideas will surely bring a change.

Birthday is a great chance to swallow all grievances and start with a new enhanced relationship. So here are nine modern-day gift ideas which you can use  :

9. Gift cards:

This might sound odd to you but if you live in a city, you must be familiar with online shopping. Online shopping is affordable, convenient and it’s just work-from-home.

Online stores like Flipkart, Amazon etc give you gift cards which helps you get a good discount and great offers.

Most helpful to young teenagers, a person from age 20-30 (youth), office guy/girl.

What you can buy: specific items, or on-choice items (depends on gift card )

Any specific ways to send it: e-mail or delivery.


8. Phone!

Gone are the days when we used to use the landlines. Now it’s all digital. Mobile phones are one of the best presents you can ever get. Purchasing online also gives you variety and discounts!

Most helpful to :Grandparents (simple phone), Parents (smartphone), Youth friend (high-end smartphone) or a teenager (average phone but not too high-end)

Additional: Buy a new sim card and a good phone cover. There are affordable plans for students which will help them access data in less money. (Valid to India)


7. Video games :

Video games are a big craze for young kids. Sometimes older people also play video games. So why not gift them these?

Most helpful to teens(10-19-year-old), Youth (20-30-year-old)

Beware: Kids younger than 9 years should not play video games since they have adult content and playing video games all day will not help children to develop well. Playing outside is the only best game for kids.

Popular video game names: ( top 50 video games are listed here)



6. Yoga mats/Ayurveda items / Health items/ massage and spa :

Gifts need not be material all the time. A quick nice spa for your grandparents will make them relaxed and calm and you will get their blessings as a return gift. Yoga mats for your parents will encourage them to do yoga ( Indian parents never waste any items), A good fit-bit watch for your dad will help him get in shape and Ayurvedic massages and items are good for maintaining healthy herbal life.

Most helpful to: Adults (30-95-year-old)



5. Work-related equipment :

Imagine you are willing to buy some photography stuff for your job Or you want a good book for your school. Then suddenly your mom/dad comes and gifts you these. You will be SO HAPPY !!

Thus, gifting some work-related equipment for your loved one is a great idea to make them cry.

Most helpful to: students, working parents/bachelors.

Buy from online stores to get the work done in the least physical moment way.



4. Travel  tickets to their favorite country/place:

I like this gift a lot. My parents have worked day and night to secure good future for me. So such a gift allows them to have some couple of time and relax and enjoy together to a place away from home.

So just grab your wallet and book a ticket for them.

Most helpful to Couples

Suggested places: Kerala (Ayurvedic healing, beaches, and peace), Northeast India ( Nature trial), Northernmost India ( mountains, snow, and trekking opportunities), or even foreign trips to say Europe, Southeast Asia or just a country they like.



 3. A collage/ video/image frames of their old photos or videos:

You probably must have old good memories of your friends on your phone. So you can use them to make a collage, a tiny video clip or frame-gift their pictures. This will cost less as well as make them happy too.

Avoid adding YOUR pictures. Cause it’s his/her special day NOT YOURS.

Pictures and videos must be only of that person.

Most useful to: Friends.



2. Tech items for the most hardworking family member :

Technology is advanced now. No need to wash clothes physically, no need to physically chop vegetables and no need to even wash the floor by yourself.

The person who does these work in your house (probably mom/dad), can take advantage of the technology advancement. Push down the load on their shoulders by gifting them tech-friendly gifts to help in their daily life.

Most helpful to mom/dad/person working the most in the house



1.Just a small treat :

As I had said earlier, gifts need not be material. My dad always used to take me to special dinner places of my choice and used to tell me to order what I want. I didn’t get any more material gifts but I was still happy with his small gesture of offering me a treat.

Most helpful to: kids/old people.

Additional: An eat-whatever-you-want or a person on a diet/wrath is like a music to their ears. So don’t hesitate to gift this. Many people think that only material gifts are enough for a birthday. But when I was not offered any material gifts but just taken to my favorite restaurant to try my favorite Chinese food, I never felt like “where is my gift”.

I don’t know about the west but here in the east, something other than material life is always welcomed.

This might not be a “modern-day” thing but it is something which enhances the MODERN DAY relationship between you and the person.

The modern-day must not always include TECHNOLOGY. Modern day life still practices yoga, still wants fresh oxygen to survive and still wants some love in life. So this is something which is old but enhanced in the modern-day time.

Like I was taken to a restaurant but you can take your kid to a space center, an amusement park, to a 5d movie etc.

Quick summary :

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