12 important things you must know if you are joining in the science field in India.

Nowadays everyone wants their sons and daughters to have a career in science.

But they have NO CLUE what the science field gives them, what opportunities they have etc.

Today we are gonna see what REALLY happens in the science field and I’ll clear all the myths connected to it.

Note – this article is mostly valid for HSC(also called as “+2”)in science and not the other boards.

So here are the things you need to know before joining the science field in India :



  1. Science field is NOT Just for scholars :

  • Yes, you read it right. It is NOT for people who score well in 10th boards.
  • People who score well in board exams have a lot of memory power but, sometimes, they don’t even know the proper concept of many things.
  • For eg- They only know that the earth revolves around the sun. But when asked WHY, they can’t answer it.
  • Thus, science is only for people who are conceptual learners.
  • Only LOGIC LOVERS and PRACTICAL people will survive the science filed.
  • You have to think, breathe, pray and play science to be successful in this field.


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2. The subjects :

  • Science has two subfields- “medical” and “engineering” : 
  1.  Medical has subjects like – Physics, Biology and Chemistry (PCB) as COMPULSORY subjects in HSC.
  2. Engineering has subjects like – Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM) as COMPULSORY subjects in HSC.
  • For cracking physics and maths – You need to have knowledge of applying logic and formulas.
  • For cracking chemistry and bio – You need to have knowledge of learning and remembering things easy. (which all people who have given the 10th board and have scored 90% and above, WILL know)



3. “Out of syllabus” no more valid :

  • Okay, in school, you only needed to know what’s written in the textbooks right? BUT, you don’t need to do that in science.
  • In +2 science, you should know about OTHER things which are OUT OF YOUR SYLLABUS too.
  • And the reason is that – the 12th board exams and also the engineering/medical exams in the future, ask various OUT OF SYLLABUS question RELATED TO THE SUBJECT.
  • So be prepared for that.



4. Curiosity wins :

  • Asking questions is a MUST in science.
  • If you get stuck with ONE topic, other topics will be affected too.
  • For eg, you need to know something called “centripetal force” (along with its proof), to understand why satellites rotate around the earth.
  • This is why you need to ask doubts and you need to get them cleared ASAP!!
  • If you don’t have the guts to question, DONT COME TO SCIENCE.


5. College life :

  • You have no college life.
  • No time for girlfriends and boyfriends.
  • No time for hanging out with friends.
  • No time for fun.
  • Even if one says that they have seen science people having fun, let me tell you that those science students are the average ones. They are surely not getting good marks. They are just passing the exams.
  • If you REALLY want to make your parents proud and are serious about being a doctor or an engineer, you can’t afford to lose marks. And if you don’t wanna lose marks, study more and hang out less.



6. Tutions/coaching classes :

  • You HAVE TO get a coaching class.
  • You CANNOT do science on you’re own.
  • The college teachers only teach you the stuff that is required to pass your HSC BOARD EXAMS.
  • Coaching classes will teach you board exam syllabus+extra tips+enterance exam syllabus.
  • If you want to become an engineer, you have to compulsorily give entrance exams called JEE or CET(Maharashtra)
  • The eligibility to enter the exam is that you have to pass the HSC board exam first.
  • But you can become an engineer only if you study for JEE or CET and give those exams.
  • So basically, you have to study for both boards+enterance exams.
  • And thus, you need coaching classes.
  • Also remember that sometimes, good HSC board marks also have a good impact on the CV for jobs.



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you will see your teacher’s face more than your own face.


7. Attendance :

  • Here you can breathe.
  • Attendance is 70% required in college
  • But in science, in one week (mon-sat), there are 3 practical days and 3 lecture days.
  • Even if you attend only the practicals, your attendance will be up to 70%.
  • So you don’t have to go to college daily. Go only for practicals if you’re college allows that (which most colleges do)
  • If your college is too strict about attendance, please reconsider choosing that college.
  • You really can’t do both classes and college. Baccha mar jaiga stress se (the child will die out of stress)
  • So, attend only practicals in college but attend the tuition daily without fail.


8. Practicals :

  • Practicals are compulsory for physics, bio, chemistry and maths.
  • They are conducted every week.
  • They are easy to do.
  • Only physics practicals are very hard for an average science student. Especially the one who doesn’t want a career in physics.
  • Practical exams are conducted too.
  • External examiner comes for taking the practical exams.
  • You have to compulsorily maintain a journal where you have all your practical notes written in a neat and clean way.
  • Practical hack – ALWAYS pay attention to the guide given by the teacher before the practice starts. Make notes and ask questions.
  • Take practicals seriously.
  • Practicals are fun and easy to do (except for physics ones)
  • Don’t miss practicals. You will get fewer marks in practical EXAM.
  • Marks scored in practical exams get counted for the final board mark sheet


9.  Study time required to get good marks :

  • Physics – if the concept is clear, you require 20 mins daily revision for concepts and 4-5 sums daily.
  • Chemistry- Wholehearted mugging up of chemical names, formulas, reactions are 100% required. Will take 40 mins daily. Even if you know the formulas, you have to practice their problems.
  • Maths – Daily formula revision and 4-5 different type of sums to be practised daily. Will take minimum 1 hour.
  • Bio- Min 30 mins daily revision of concepts.
  • Total time for any three of these – engineering (PCM)- 2 hours and medical (PCB) – 1/30 mins or more.
  • Note – this was just self-study.
  • You have to spend least  3 hours in classes daily otherwise too.
  • So classes+self study makes it 5-6 hours of daily study.


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get ready for staying in one room for 6 hours



10. After Hsc :

  • You can either go for engineering or medical.
  • You can also go for Bsc, Msc and become a professor.
  • You can also go to the pharmacy field.
  • Various other small fields are also there but they aren’t that good enough to pay you as much as you have spent on your studies.


11. All about the fees :

  • Govt college – less than 12,000 Rupees for 1 year.
  • Private college – 1 lakh per year.
  • Coaching classes – 1 lakh per year.
  • Travelling, food, time pass, buying stationary (journals, textbooks etc), lab coats, lab gloves, etc (for Mumbai) – ten to 12 thousand per year.


12. There is a way out :

  • If you are not being able to handle science, there is also a way to get out of it.
  • You can join the arts or commerce field after completing HSC.
  • Fun fact – arts and commerce students can’t join science field after HSC.
  • So, if you think your passion is not science, and that you can excel in something else, you can surely shift to arts and commerce easily. While filling the forms for arts/commerce college, they do ask you that from which field have you done HSC.
  • Another fun fact – People who have been to +2 in science field have more knowledge about logic and rational thinking than other fields. Which if used properly in the other fields, can yield REALLY GOOD results.




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  1. We can’t be 100% right but most of these are 98% right especially for Mumbai.
  2. You can go to your state govt’s website for more information.
  3. Image credits: Click image.


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