You are not educated….


“Education” is the benchmark of being socially acceptable. But, sadly, most of us in this world are actually NOT educated. I’m not kidding !! It’s completely true…

 Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research.

So, an educated person means a person who has taken education. Simple isn’t it? WELL, it’s NOT.

All of you talk about the “kids in Africa” but isn’t it an excuse? Is the education which you are receiving completely correct? In reality, the “education” we are getting, has nothing to do with the actual definition of education. Which actually means we are not getting any education! we are horses. We are dressed up every day to go to a field where we are put to work and made to run. The horse which runs the most gets recognized, gets fame and jobs. All the other horses are losers. They are sent back to be trained again to be as good as the winner.

“But hey, we are taught values in school” yes. Values like “respect your elders no matter what” which results in boys getting beaten up and girls getting molested and the culprits getting away with it only because they are adults. The recent #metoo tweets are enough to prove that all millennial girls of all places in the world were molested/raped at a young age BY AN ADULT most of the time.

And what “skills” were you taught in class? Were you taught “how to concentrate?” “how to speak in public?” “how to gain confidence?” “how to be positive?” “how to deal with fears?” etc  NO!! All these things came under “personal problems” for some reason and you had to go the teacher in person to talk which most kids never did. It’s a shame that we have to take the help of google to learn these things now…

In some schools, even good touch and bad touch are never taught. They are taught these things later in the last year of the school sometimes. But that is wrong! You can’t trust anyone today. There are pedophiles waiting to molest your children and they do this mostly to YOUNG children who are apparently UNAWARE of good and bad touches.

The basic geography and history books have propaganda filled in them. The science, the math, the languages taught to us are taught according to the age-old ways. Do you guys know the Vedic method of mathematics? The abacus, soroban ways? FYI, these methods are the easiest to learn and can make anyone a math champion. But they are never taught. Similarly, there are simple hacks to learn any language. But neither are they taught. My article on this topic has more to say – Click here to see it

Education is not just related to school. Education actually starts at home. But we all know how “good” the home atmosphere is. The constant nagging, the ignorance, the sexism, the constant fights between parents, etc are the common reason why kids love their friend groups more than home. CHILDREN MIRROR PARENTS. Only teaching about how to walk, how to speak, how to poop is not enough. He/she is a HUMAN BEING, not a robot.

We are tamed to look and act in the desired way leading to the ONLY external development and no INTERNAL development by the school,by parents, and by society.

The atmosphere your country is providing is also important. For eg, a person in Japan can send his kid to buy grocery and will have no worries like “What if someone kidnaps him?”  “What if they fool him and take more money from him seeing that he’s a child?”  But a person in most countries will have to worry about their kid’s safety. And the hack of both situations was – EDUCATION.

Education does not mean reading books.

It does not mean having a lot of degrees.

It does not mean being able to earn money only.

what it really means, is internal and external development in such a way that all humans can live peacefully, happily and being able to THINK, being able to EXPRESS, being able to DEVELOP this planet for all living beings.

It is true that some educational institutions are exceptionally good. But either they have hefty fees or they require only A graders to enter.

So, guys, there is no difference between us and African kids. They are not getting proper education and neither are we…


How to deal with someone who is about to cry.


It always happens that when a sensitive topic comes up, there is a person who just can’t stop the tears. They try to hide it but their eyes swell and you know they are about to cry. But most of the time, the people around them don’t know how to handle this situation and end up being more awkward in front of them.

So these are tips to handle a “cry situation” :

1. Say “Aww don’t cry..” and keep your hand on their shoulders :

  • Doing this will either lead to two things – the person will cry more or just joke it out saying “oh I’m not crying OK”.
  • For the first response, you can just hug the person and he will eventually stop crying further.
  • For the second response, the person will handle his tears himself as his response itself tells he can’t cry in front of others.

2. Change the topic:

  • The best way out is to change the topic.
  • Like for eg you are in your friend circle and you all are talking about your mother but there is one person who does not have a mother. So he will get uncomfortable or sad or even feel like crying if he’s talking. If this happens, you change the topic to, “oh leave this topic, you know what happened yesterday?” and say it with the same excitement or more excitement than the earlier topic. It will help the person get distracted by the curiousness for the new topic.

3. Share your sorrow too:

  • Say “yes even my father abused me”. This will make the “crier” open up more and speak himself out.
  • Like he might say “I know right! and my father also did….” then you say “yes but you know what, let’s leave this. I mean, I have moved on now and you should do it too.”
  • Knowing that he/she is not the only one in sorrow, will help him/her relax about his situation.
  • You can fake share too if the person is not a good friend or is not expected to meet you again. Like a person, you met on the train, on the road etc.

4. Offer a tissue :

  • This is a great gesture and works well with girls. She will laugh at that gesture and change the topic on her own or handle herself on her own. In another scenario, she would cry more
  • By the way, notice how the person in 1st point and the 4th point will act in 2 same possible ways. DIDN’T I TELL YOU GIRLS AND BOYS ARE THE SAME? huh. I had said the same on This blog

5. Joke it off :

  • You can joke off the topic to make the crying person laugh. It will make them smile and they will calm themselves down.

6. Let them cry :

  • Sometimes crying is good for emotional health.
  • If he/she is crying, let them do so.
  • If you all are in a friend circle, DEFIANTLY let them talk and cry and speak themselves out. Sometimes they just need a person to talk to.
  • If you are in an unknown or less known group, check the crier’s actions and his mental level of comfort with the group. eg usually girls open up to girls and boys open up to boys.
  • So, yeah, in an unknown group it depends on how much safe the crier sees the group.


7. Put your hand on their shoulder and say “Hey, you can overcome this” :

  • Confronting them with motivational sentences will help them get over the negatives more easily.

Fandom : Its a trap


I was 15 years old when I  first got into this fandom thing. I was looking for some good songs and I had typed “best songs ever” to which a video popped up and my life took a huge turn.

Correct. It was ONE DIRECTION!! Earlier I just knew it was a boy band and I used to make fun of girls following celebs for no reason. But then I clicked that song and MY GOD! it made me so happy I just couldn’t stop my tears.

I was also going through a rough phase in my life. I never used to talk to anyone or had any friends. But that one video led me seeing more One Direction music videos and then it went towards their interviews where I got first-hand information about their behavior and their personality.

I still remember falling in love with Louis Tomlinson because he was so outgoing and chilled person and was so CAREFREE!!  I kept on watching them for months and months. This also affected my performance in the semester exams because I just couldn’t stop dreaming about them and watching their videos.

Now that I study psychology, I understand what had happened to me. Its called “mirroring”. Mirroring happens when we start to enact some actions of a person by observing him. This also leads to we get some of their personality traits. And honestly, THIS WAS HEAVEN FOR ME. because I started being carefree like Louis. I started talking like him, and I made a shit load of friends. Then I got confidence and this actually led me to get good marks in the next semester since I was able to ask more doubts and learn more easily.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about them and eventually, I fell into that LARRY thing  (Larry is a term for Louis+Harry. Apparently we directions somehow thought that both liked each other and we made this term). I really loved LARRY and used to enjoy watching fan-frictions too.

But, then I saw Larry being separated.  I mean, they never used to talk like earlier and always avoided each other. Which broke my heart. Icing to the cake was when ZAYN LEFT THE BAND. I still remember crying the whole day.  I didn’t eat anything. I was so upset that I felt like someone has stolen a part of my life and I can’t get it back. This is when my directioner friends and I started to watch less of their videos and focusing on our own lives. This led to the one direction fever being faded. I lost interest in them…

I developed a hate for Zayn for leaving the band. But I did listen to his songs and honestly, his singles were way better than singles of other members. Niall had said that One Direction will return. But it has been 3 years and the band has almost lost all its followers…

During this Zayn period, I had enrolled myself in the science field where I learned how to THINK RATIONALLY and develop a scientific attitude. I was still my new confident self. But even that started fading because I no more had my guru Louis with me. Even If I watch his old videos, I start crying. So I didn’t even watch his earlier videos.

Basically,  I HAD FALLEN IN LOVE. I felt that someone is there for me. Someone cares about women and their feelings. One Direction and their song lyrics made sure I was in love.

But the major heartbreak was like a breakup. The scars of which I can still recall.

After 2 years. Someone again came in my life…

I was watching superwoman video reactions and I found myself falling in love with this Korean band BTS. I WAS IN LOVE AGAIN!!

But..but this time too SAME THINGS HAPPENED. First seeing music videos, then interviews, then again following a stupid fan-made gay term JiKook (Junkook+Jimin). But personality wise, it didn’t change me that much because I actually am not familiar with Korean culture. I’m more familiar with the British culture. But BTS fandom for me was like a weed. Smoke it, feel good for some time then back to your life.

My education in science led me getting information about HOW TO REALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This is when I realized FANDOM IS BULLSH*T.

I mean, they aren’t even going to meet me or remember me. They don’t even know me. And EVERY BAND HAS ITS LAST TIME. What if BTS breaks up like ONE DIRECTION? another scar for me! My heart will break into pieces again.

Thus, girls, please remember that you should not take a fandom seriously. IT CAN CHANGE YOU. But, the reality is, those boys are TOLD to show themselves as good as they can. They are kept in control by the authorities.

If they weren’t controlled, then my Larry wouldn’t have been told to not talk to each other. If they weren’t, then each one direction member would have written songs about girls and their feelings even after leaving one direction.  And If they weren’t, then why do they seem different now and different then?

The truth is,






and all this is just….normal (sadly)

A boy band shouldn’t control your life. Only you have the control on your mind. It is easy and kind of healthy to be excited and fall in love with the boy band. But later on, the same thing will ditch you and you can’t do anything about it. Sure it can change some aspects of your personality and make you feel good. But again, it will fade away and matter no more once you get older.

So I think a fandom is healthy as long as you don’t love it so much that you just start copying them without thinking and you are able to control yourself.

Everything has its good and bad sides.

Seeing their pictures, buying their stuff, their albums etc are a good thing. Even I do it. But getting carried away by that boy-band is risky.

As Aristotle says, “A happy person will show a personality appropriately balanced between reasons and desires, with moderation characterizing all. In this sense, at least, “virtue is its own reward.” True happiness can, therefore, be attained only through the cultivation of the virtues that make a human life complete”

If you really wanna change your life, you should not rely on somebody else. Here are some tips.

And by the way, if you join a fandom and fall in love with a boy’s personality, you have a hint about WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. Like I realized I wanted to be like Louis. But my method of copying him to become like him was kind of wrong.

Thanks for reading this and I hope I could make every teen girl realize a big message.

Sorry if I’ve hurt someone but the truth is the truth.  I don’t want you, young girls, to repeat the same mistakes which I did.


Animal rights : The right and the wrong.


There is at least one person in every group who is all about preserving animals and fighting for their rights. All that is okay but there are various things which he/she get’s wrong about animal rights. Today is the day we separate the right and wrong ways to fight for animal rights…

First of all, what is animal rights?

Wikipedia says, “Animal rights is the idea in which some, or all, non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests—such as the need to avoid suffering—should be given the same consideration as similar interests of human beings.”

Got it?

Okay now, let’s move on to what problems animals suffer. But first, what is the definition of “problems”?

“Problem is a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome”.

So it means that a problem is a kind of situation which is harmful to one’s life. Easy?


Now, what is harmful or threatening to an animals life?

  • Being Killed
  • Being injured
  • Being chased
  • Kept in cages
  • Not given proper food
  • Physically Unfit
  • Getting a disease
  • Not getting treatment
  • Harassed


Just like humans, animals have their own ways of responding to these problems. Now let’s see how they react to problems.


How animals react to a given problem :

  • Barking/screaming/screeching etc.
  • Running
  • Attacking etc

Do humans realize when an animal is in trouble? Yes.

See this picture :


What can you tell from this picture?

  • The Deer is running
  • Tiger is attacking

Why is tiger attacking?

  • He is responding to the problem of hunger.

Why is the deer running?

  • He is responding to being attacked by a stronger animal.
  • He is trying to solve his problem of survival.

There are various other examples like barking of a dog, running of a squirrel, rat’s running when they see you,  insects running when they see rats, etc

So, what can we say from all the discussion above?

  • Animals have problems.
  • They respond to these problems in their own ways.
  • Most of the response is either attacking or running.
  • This is because animals have a less developed brain.
  • Humans can detect when an animal seems to have a problem.


So basically, we now know what problems animals face and how they respond to it. We can also detect their problems to a very good extent.


Then why don’t animals like elephants, tigers, monkeys, etc not respond by using an attack or run when they are made to work in a circus? The elephant is obviously much powerful than human but he get’s food so he doesn’t complain. But it still is wrong because we are using them for our entertainment. It would have been justified if it was the ONLY source of entertainment. But it is not. Similarly, there are various other animal rights movements which are for a correct cause.


Like :

  • Protesting against aquariums (sea animals need sea not fucking fish tanks)
  • Protesting against working animals on the field  (nowadays we have the farming technology and it is the duty of the govt to update the people and their methods of working.)
  • Protesting against shooting of animals (except when shooting is done as a necessity and not a luxury )
  • Protesting against local zoo (Yes zoo does protect animals but it also keeps them in cages. How would you feel if you were kept in a cage? My fellow Democratic people, this is what you hate and animals must be hating it too)
  • Protesting against animal leather products (you don’t even need animal leather because again, it is a luxury, not a necessity)

Wrong protests:

  • Protests against animal by-products – Extracting by-products from animals is not harmful at all but the place where you’re keeping the animals for extracting it is important.The place should be clean, you should keep animals healthy and give them food too. Extracting from wild animals is a big no-no.
  •  Protests against animal slaughter – Look, we are not going and eating random animals. We are eating those which are good for our health and we are not eating snakes and shit. We are eating only a few animals. Btw, animals eat animals too. Cats eat their own babies sometimes.
  • Protest against animal testing – Animal testing is needed for human survival and development. If humans don’t survive, animals can’t survive too. Domestic animals are surviving only because humans have made them domestic. Otherwise, all of them would have been dead because the wild animals would have killed them. Also, don’t forget the food chain.


How can animal protesters and non-protesters both stay happy?

  1. Stop zoos and make animal reserves. Animal reserves don’t put animals in a cage and let them live like they naturally live.
  2. Stop use of leather clothes and accessories.
  3. Stop circuses because we have a lot of other options for entertainment.
  4. Animal testing should not be stopped but should be done carefully causing less harm. If possible, use them for research on animal simulation technology. After 3-4 years, there would no longer be a need to use real animals. But still, they would be needed to an extent.
  5. Not diving people on the basis of what they eat (FYI, the caste system in India had food choices as one of the characteristics for the division of people. Don’t let caste system be reborn.)
  6. Learn the difference between necessity and luxury.
  7. Aquarium which is huge in size and is not like a cage is a good option. (works like an animal reserve)




Thus, animals do have rights but your protests should have logical reasons and, alternatives. Distinguishing between the right and the wrong cause is also important.

Thanks for reading and tell your opinions in the comment section below.

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 Fandom: Its a trap

You are not educated…


Working methods to know what EXACTLY do you want in life..


We are often confused as to what exactly we wanna do.This happens mostly to females as we constantly keep thinking about stuff and we don’t exactly drive to a conclusion about what exactly do we want. Like, what our real feelings are, choosing a career, what we wanna change in life etc..


I have a great method to help you know manually what you want in your life..

1.Encode your dreams :


  • By dreams, I mostly mean day as well as night dreams
  • As soon as you get a dream, you write it down
  • After a few days, you will notice that ALL your dreams have something which appears constantly every time.
  • Like maybe an item, a person or a place. When you catch it by going through your diary, you will realize that you secretly want that thing or there is something about it which has affected your life.
  • I myself have found what I needed. When I went through my diary, I realised I needed a platform to keep my views because I dreamt about speaking in public or being the prime minister etc. All of these things suggested that I wanted to be a person to whom people can listen. And this is also the reason I Started blogging.



Important note: Sometimes, what you want can depend on the situation you are in. When the situation changes, maybe your mind will crave for something else.

Eg- Let’s say you shift to some other place. You see a new boy/girl in the neighborhood and now you wanna be friends with him/her. Now, your dreams can feature that guy/girl in the direct or indirect way of presentation.


Bottom line – good for temporary cravings.



2. Take aptitude test : 


  • There are various aptitude tests which you can take which will tell you the career field you want to be in.
  • They are usually taken after board exams to decide whether the student wants arts, science or commerce field.
  • It is affordable and reliable.



Works best for choosing career options



3. Ask your parents/teachers/ friends :


  • Sometimes your dear ones who have seen you every day can pick up some good habits that you possess.
  • You can ask them what they think you are good at.
  • And then you can try that thing. 
  • I suggest asking each of these people and see whether they say a COMMON thing rather than relying on one person only.
  • It is also necessary that these people are trustable. (lol)
  • In short, ask people whom you trust and believe they won’t get biased towards you.


Bottom line: Ask a trustable person to point out the talents they see in you. 



4. Consult a therapist/ counselor : 


  • This is a very important thing which people easily ignore.
  • Guys, you are lucky if you have a therapist in the city where you live.
  • Some poor people don’t even have access to thatsleep-835468_960_720
  • But you have it. Then why not make use of it?
  • Therapist/counselor usually help people to discover their true feelings and their inner thoughts and bring out the change in you.
  • Once you go there, you will realize it’s not a scary place it’s a place which will remove your scary thoughts.



Bottom line: Take help from a professional 



5. Try out things :


  • Sometimes you just need to try out thingsforyourselves and see whether they give you a kick.
  • I personally think this step is ridiculous because it is really exhausting, time-consuming and chances of being successful are also less. Plus, it will cost a lot of money
  • But many people have done this and have actually become successful.
  • See the successful YouTubers, they just had put their videos on YouTube for fun and look where they are now. Same goes for all businessmen who are successful.
  • So, this step is good if other things didn’t give you any result.
  • It’s better we keep it as a backup plan if other steps don’t work out for you.


Bottom line: Trying out things personally can work too.



6. Boost your thinking skills :magic-cube-1976725_960_720

  • Start reading books, or get yourself doing something which makes you do a lot of brain work.
  • Chess, Sudoku, etc are good games, to begin with.
  • You can also read random Wikipedia articles.
  • All this will make your brain develop a good and fast thinking,
  • This is how ideas will come “Suddenly” in your brain once you are resting.
  • Try out that ideas and see whether it works out for you.
  • Reference: If you take a note of people who have been successful by sudden discoveries, you will notice that they weren’t lazy fat people. They were people who have had done some mind-related work. Be it getting degrees, or just playing indoor brian games.



7. Getting drunk : 

  • Yes! Got excited? Well, you should be.frogs-1650657_960_720
  •  When you get drunk, you usually speak the truth.
  • According to Bruce Bartholomew, author of “Alcohol Effects on Performance Monitoring and Adjustment: Affect Modulation and Impairment of Evaluative Cognitive Control,” alcohol doesn’t make you behave badly, it just makes you care less.
  • Which is why the random calls, messages etc are sent when your drunk. This is because you get more confidence.
  • So all you gotta do is to get drunk, record your voice or tell someone to listen to you and when you get back to normal, listen to the audio or tell your friend to tell what you said.
  • Btw, just like the first point, it can tell temporary feelings but what YOU WILL SAY/DO will be solely based on what constant thought was running through your mind all the time.


Again, good for taking a note of feelings and emotions. NOT FOR CHOOSING CAREER.



8. Mediation :meditation-2717462_960_720

  • Well, this is for exercise freaks.
  • Meditation helps you calm down
  • Once you calmed, your thoughts get a direction
  • You get to know what you want.
  • Tip: If you start as a beginner, you will notice that YOU CANT actually focus on breathing. You start thinking about something else. Catch it! Try this 2-3 times and see what you are seeing when you close your eyes to meditate. If that thought is consistent for mostly all attempts to meditation, That’s YOUR ANSWER!!!
  • If you are a pro, it can help you choose career options too. (But you need to have knowledge about different careers beforehand)



Bottom line: Good for knowing about emotions/thoughts/feelings as well as career



Note :

  1. I don’t claim these to be right but the things I’ve written is based on my experiences as well as taking notes from the back stories of successful people like bill gates, steve jobs etc
  2. You can try any one of them or all of them to be sure.
  3. Images from copyright free websites.



Hope you liked it guys

Thanks for reading

And don’t forget to get drunk

Merry Christmas

One world,two sides – Village culture vs city culture


Yesterday I went to my village and wanted to buy something. When asked about the price, the seller said I need not pay the money. Awestruck, I got confused. Why on earth is this man not taking money from me? He said, “You are our guest. We don’t take money from our guests”…

Before people start wondering, my grandfather was from that village and he shifted to the city but he still has a home in the village. We rarely visit the village but when we do, this happens all the time.

I came home with a frowned face. I was like, “Why are the people not taking money? how are they gonna survive without money?” my grandfather said, that people in the village HAVE NEVER seen any cases of theft, murder, rape, etc. So they actually RARELY meet any bad person. Thus, they don’t doubt any random person they meet and treat them like their own. For them, the guest is more like a god than a threat and the poor people will get food by a donation from the rich. I was amazed and my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I have never seen something like this happen…

Then I started to think that why the people in villages and those in cities behave so differently. I mean, hell none will ever not take money from me in the city. In fact, they will fool me and take more money. I realized that people in villages have limited demands. A little house, food, a nice neighborhood and a good family is enough for them. But in the cities, you want a big house, big car, your own “space”, a laptop, computer, Xboxes, and what not. Our demands just don’t stop. A village person will be happy for his neighbor when he buys a car. The city person will be jealous of his neighbor.

Don’t you think our selfishness, our anger, our frustration’s in the city are so much that we ourselves invite thefts and murders? There are poor people in the villages too and not all of them get donations. But they still don’t do theft. Why? because they think that “Why should I take someone else’s money?” No one has taught them to think like this. They have taught THEMSELVES to think like this. Why? Because people around them are like this…

If I tell you, “Don’t give me any money. This is your gift” you will be in tears because you are so amazed at the amount of humanity and love you are getting from a freaking unknown person!!!..

I don’t know about the west but I’m quite sure that every person in the east is getting what I’m saying because they must have experienced the same love when they went to visit their villages.

If some people are not getting what I’m saying, take a look at this man from a small village in India. This man here cooks a huge amount of food DAILY for orphan children. He doesn’t expect a PENNY from them. He is old but still so energetic. His grandchild shoots a video for him and uploads it on YouTube.

Here is the link to one of his videos (Non-sponsored post btw)

This will hardly happen in the city. People are so insensitive that they won’t even take the food from the person who genuinely wants to help them. They will think “He has put poison in it and wants to take money from us by killing us”. Numerous nerve cells, brain activity, everything will work to predict the real purpose of this man and his acts towards them. A villager will quietly take it without even doubting the person…

The city people need to have some sensitivity and some good education about human values. Human values don’t need to be embedded. They automatically are present in us. We just need to express it because this is what the villagers do. They don’t just speak. They act and when they act altogether, the rotten apple between the good apples can turn good too…..

How beautiful is such a society where everyone is happy from within!

Let’s strive to make our cities better.

One day, there will be no sorrow.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Christmas Shopping..


Less money? Wanna save the earth? Don’t want many people? Want people? Don’t wanna spend much money but wanna make the best of Christmas? Don’t worry all of you are in the correct place. Celebrate a unique Christmas with these ideas..

 1. Banana leaves : 

Banana leaves can be used for baking anything “wrapped” – in the same way, you would use tin foil or parchment paper. However, note that banana leaves are porous (unlike tin foil) so some of the “sauce” or juices from your food item may seep through. It’s, therefore, a good idea to place your banana leaf “packets” in a glass casserole dish, or a tray that has sides on it, so that the juices don’t drip to the bottom of your oven.

You can also use banana leaf as a kind of “mat” for barbecuing fragile fillets of fish, smaller shrimp, or vegetables that have a danger of falling through the grill. Simply lay a piece of banana leaf on your grill, then cook your food items on top of it (as you would with tin foil). The banana leaf will turn bright green at first, then brown as you cook. It will give a nice hint of flavor to your food that is very pleasant.

Banana leaf prices depend upon the place you live. They are cheap in  Asia but can be costly in snow-clad countries. So, for those snow people, point no.2 is a good option.

 Lowest price ($) : 100

Learn more about –


2. Paper plates :

Ditch those glass plates and use biodegradable plates. They are cheap and your creative genes can also be used to make them look funky. Paper plates are completely biodegradable! No guilt of “destroying earth”

 Price : Lowest price ($): 4

3. Use stainless steel utensils :

Glassware and Wooden utensils are hard to handle. Stainless Steel utensils remain in a good condition for years and are easy to clean and maintain. Glassware can be harmful if mishandled and wooden utensils are obviously harmful if you are cooking.You also no longer have to worry about kids playing with them cause they can’t really cause as much harm as those glassware utensils. They are also cheap.

Price : Depends on which utensil you buy. Lowest price for a container is $10

So, this Christmas, Stain less!

4. Recycle food waste :

Leftover food, spoilt food, leftover scraps of vegetables etc can be used for recycling. It will take 2 months to form the end product. So by next February, you will have the end product ready to be reused. This is a good way to turn Christmas waste material into something good.

There are two methods to recycle it :

  • In-vessel composting (IVC)
  • Anaerobic digestion (AD)

Price : FREE

The end products can be used as bio-fuels, bio-fertilizers, different soils for plants, etc. 

5. DIY!

Bored? Wanna waste less money? DIY it! There are various DIY’s which you can use for making Christmas tree, tables, candles, etc. This will help you be creative and run your brain. Also helpful for kids to learn to make different things and thus develop their brain at an early age. DIY gifts for the family will be so much fun! All creative people will love this idea. This will save your money as well as make use of already available things and thus we don’t have to stress much about buying things which we will use only once.

Price ($) : If you BUY those paper, glue and stuff, it can go up to 50. Otherwise, free if you just use stuff you have handy at home.

6. Affordable parties : 

Why waste money on clubs when you can make a party at home? Plug in your speakers and have fun! Call your friends and turn your kitchen into a bar. Don’t have money to buy beer? Try MAKING beer at home. It’s easy!

Also, if you are a lover of cooking, you have a great chance to cook for the party YOURSELF and show people how good your cooking skills are. 

What? Are you an introvert? No problem! how about a pajama party? Call up ya close friends, watch a movie on Netflix, get some popcorn, play games, discuss life and enjoy!

Price ($) : Minimum 50-100

Total cost: Less than 300 dollars!!

Note : Price varies from place to place.

Pic courtesy: Google !!

More about food management –

Merry Christmas 🙂



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