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We picked top 10 kurtas under ₹600 for you!

All of us are busy in our lives and we don’t get enough time to browse through so many shopping options especially when it comes to clothes. That’s why we are here to help! We picked top 10 beautiful kurtas just for you.

List: Kurta

Order: 1 to 10 (not hierarchal )

Type: Urban kurta

Price: Under 600rs


Will look good on : females from age 20 to 30.

1. La Firangi White & Black Kurta


This black and white kurta is literally so beautiful. It has a mix of the good old kurta design plus some modern fashion touch.It will look amazing on tall girls.Braids will look very good on this kurta.Black bindi will suit the look too.

Price: Rs. 559



2. M Tex Women Black & Sea Green Printed Straight Kurta



Ahh, this combination of blue, black and white is just mesmerizing! Don’t know why they have taken a foreign model but it looks good on her. The sleeves are like those of normal t-shirts and tops which gives it a different look too. Again, braids are recommended and black bindi. Instead of white leggings, you can wear black leggings too.

Price: Rs. 549



3. Biba Women Blue & Orange Printed Straight Kurta



This kurta has a summer feel to it. It is comfortable, airy, and will look great on the youth girl. Orange bindi will stand out and look great on it.

Price: Rs. 549



4. Popnetic Women White Solid Straight Kurta



Yellow, black and white, PERFECT! The hairstyle is also excellent and suits the kurta perfectly. Black bindi would do. A nice watch (women’s watch) will make it look more beautiful.

Price: Rs. 539


5. Anouk Women Blue Printed Cold-Shoulder A-Line Kurta



A much-awaited design is here! The colour combination is peaceful and Instagram friendly too. A pink bindi, braided or open hair would look perfect on it.

Price: Rs. 449


6. RANGMANCH BY PANTALOONS Women Off-White & Yellow Printed Straight Kurta



This is fabulous! The design is spectacular and modern style. It really suits the hairstyle. Red bindi will do wonders if paired with this.

Price: Rs. 449



7. Nayo Women Off-White & Black Printed Straight Kurta



Just look at the neckline and colour! It’s amazing! Rarely do we see grey colour kurtas being worn as a fashion. But this can surely change the fate of the old grey buddy and bring in the grey fashion. Black bindi+open hair = Full on dhamaka.

Price: Rs. 549



8. Janasya Women Peach & Green Colourblocked A-Line Kurta




Ah, this is words. It’s beautifully designed and paired with the hairstyle. Red bindi is apna choice again. We do think that the white leggins do not go well with the kurta but it depends on you what you like.

Price: Rs. 535



9. Aasi Women Yellow Printed Straight Kurta



Yellow rules! This is a very amazing kurta style and it has a mixture of plain+texture which gives it a unique look. Paired with the black leggings and this hairstyle, it will look awesome on you. The bindi can be black or yellow as per choice.

Price: Rs. 519



10. Shree Women Off-White & Blue Printed Straight Kurta



This is quite a stereotypical kurta but the design and colour combination makes it a must-try. Blue bindi and braided hair will look nice on it.

Price: Rs. 399




Note :

  1. The prices might change with time. The prices are more likely to decrease than increase but still, it can change.
  2. All the kurtas under 400 rs are quite dull and common so that’s why they couldn’t be picked.
  3. We are not responsible for the quality of the product. We are just stating the best looking kurtas in the web store.
  4. It is to be noted that most websites don’t give you leggins free with the kurta. So don’t think that the leggings are gonna be free with it.
  5. We are just choosing and stating the best ones from all the kurtas under 600. Any issue with any kurta is not our responsibility. Talk to the store for complaints.
  6. The second part of the list will be coming soon! So stay tuned!


Hope you liked the post.

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