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Story of every Kid

Kids are the flowers of the garden. The flower which keeps growing according to the care taken…

These flowers are being told that they are disturbing the etiquette of the garden.

But has anyone listened to the opinion of the flower for once?

So here we present to you, our view of life.


  1. We have swallowed your anger.
  • Dad’s boss got angry on him.
  • He removed the anger on Mom.
  • Mom removed the anger on us.
  • We still smiled the next day.


Growing up, we learned one thing – Solve your problems with anger.



2. We have seen you go mad.

  • Both of you had a fight.
  • We saw with teary eyes.
  • We were sent back to our room.
  • That day, we cried a lot.


Growing up, we learned one thing – Solve the problems with your partner by fighting.


3. We learned to discriminate.

  • We played with our neighbors happily.
  • One fine day, you told us that our neighbors were black and that blacks are bad people.


Growing up, we saw every black person as a bad fellow.


4. We never got an education.

  • You sent us to the best school in the neighborhood.
  • We learned a lot of things.
  • But no one taught lessons on self-confidence, making friends and how to be a good person in the changing society.


Growing up, we dealt with depression.


5. We were touched.

  • Uncle touched our privates and sexually abused us.
  • We told that to our parents.
  • The parents told the police.
  • The police arrested uncle.
  • But some mere sum of money washed his sins.


Growing up, we learned that you can get away with any crime by paying for it.


6. We learned that what we like, does not matter.

  • We told them our marks.
  • They hit us for failing in maths and did not pay attention to the  A+ grade in painting.


Growing up, we threw our paint brushes and sketches away and never saw them again.


7. We fell in love.

  • She fell in love with a guy.
  • A guy who never laughed at her because she was fat.
  • A guy who hugged her.
  • A guy who showed his love for her.
  • She told mom about him.
  • But thanks to mom, She realized that he was a bad guy. Because her mom told her, that he’s not from her religion.


Growing up, she labelled people as Hindu,Muslim,Christan,Jew, rather than human.

8. We learned to keep our mouths shut

  • We saw a beggar being badly injured.
  • We brought him to the hospital.
  • No one was ready to give him a bed because he had no money.
  • He died a few hours later.


Growing up, we learned that you are not human if you are poor.


We were wrong.

  • We thought our parents are like our friends.
  • We thought our close relatives also care for us
  • We thought that being a man or woman does not make any difference.
  • We thought hitting was bad.
  • We thought that our black friends were as equal as us.
  • We thought we had talents.
  • We thought we should help others in need.


We were so wrong.


Dear parents and elders,

Kids follow every word of yours and see you as role models.

If you want your society to change, change the way you nurture kids.

It’s all in your hands whether you want to see people caring for each other, or people shooting each other…….

Show us your good side and we will surely give you the best human society ever.

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