How to tell whether a WhatsApp forward is fake or not (6 tricks)…


Whatsapp is a widely used tool for messaging. It has its markets in India, South Africa, Brazil and other countries.

India accounts for the largest WhatsApp users.

While WhatsApp is very useful for promoting your businesses, spam and misleading news can be spread within minutes.

But with these techniques, you can identify a fake Whatapp forward.



  1. Use Truecaller :

  • Truecaller is an app which tells you the name of the cell phone user from his number.
  • Sometimes in WhatsApp, there are messages such as “Call this person if you see a stray animal”, “Call him to send money” etc.
  • Then a phone number is also displayed.
  • Copy that number and paste it into Truecaller and see the name.
  • If the person HIMSELF has sent the message and is truly genuine, he will ALWAYS mention his name and occupation/what he does, on Truecaller.
  • A fake person will rarely do this.
  • Like if I truly am an animal rescuer, I will mention that on my Truecaller profile because I know that I have forwarded a message related to it and anyone can contact me anytime because of that message.
  • Once you see the name, you can use Facebook to search it and see the Facebook profile to be double sure whether he’s a spammer or a person in real need.


So, basically what to do in this step?

  1. Search his profile on Truecaller and see the name.
  2. Search the name on facebook
  3. See the occupation if mentioned.
  4. If the occupation is not mentioned, see at least his pictures or friend list to get an idea whether hes a needy or a scammer.


Facebook –

Truecaller –


2. Check the news channels:

  • Only news channels show the real news and nobody else does.
  • If there was an eclipse coming tomorrow, the news tells it today itself.
  • So you don’t need to rely on WhatsApp for news about the environment.
  • Secondly, if there is news on politics, IGNORE it. 
  • NEVER EVER take a political WhatsApp message seriously. It’s all dirty politics to make the youth do wrong things.
  • Lastly, if the news is related to someone being kidnapped/is lost etc, then its probably fake too.
  • Think logically –  If your child is lost, would you complain to the police or tell WhatsApp? Will WhatsApp friends and random people help you find your kid? What if someone uses your contact number, tells you he has found your kid, and then kidnaps you if you go to him?
  • So let’s be real – People will mostly complain to a police officer and rely on them only. Moreover, they may also approach the news channels. But using WhatsApp to tell that their child is lost, is bad parenting as well as a possible scam.


Basically, think logically and rely only on news channels for news.

We know that sometimes news channel themselves can spread fake news too.

So, we suggest watching only TRUSTED CHANNELS like DD news, Zee news etc.


3. Check with the doctor :


  • A random person sends you a message telling about Aryuveda and you believe him?
  • Rather save the message and ask the real aryuvedic doctor.
  • Same with any kind of medical messages.
  • “Better be sure than be sorry”.

Thus, before using random fake medical knowledge, ask your doctor whether the information being forwarded to you is really true or not.



4. UNESCO tells its announcements on its website.

  • UNESCO has its own website and it posts everything on it.
  • So better check it before believing anything related to it.
  • Same goes for anything related to the United Nations.

United Nations website –




5. Website, website, website : 

  • Yes, again, ANY big organization will ALWAYS announce its notices on its WEBSITE.
  • So next time when you get a message saying anything about the govt policies, CHECK THEIR WEBSITE or just check the news channels.
  • Whatsapp itself will tell its updates on its website too. So no need to believe in random messages of “New Whatsapp feature” and similar news being forwarded to you.



6. Social media :

  • Every police establishment in this world uses a verified social media account and use it to tell any announcements.
  • For eg, the Mumbai police tell its announcements on its Twitter account and are active on twitter all day.
  • So you should not rely on messages about police, security or any threat. Just check their twitter/other social media or just ask them directly by a call or on the internet.





Recap :




Note :

  1. We don’t claim all these tricks to be 100% true.
  2. People are still there to run their masterminds and can still fool you.
  3. Now that India has internet users in huge numbers, we should know the dos and donts of the internet.
  4. The basic “DONT” is that don’t believe in rumours.
  5. With the above tricks, you can find a flaw in forwarded message easily.
  6. Yes it may take some effort but as we said, “Better be sure than sorry”





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We live in a false world!


Shocked? We do live in a false world! and the most important thing is that we don’t even realize that! We deliberately are pushed into watching and hearing things which are actually turned and twisted to get a false belief in our minds and to control our lives. Here’s how it goes…

How to know that?

Turn on the television right now and switch to a news channel. What you are seeing is not just news, its propaganda. It is a propaganda because you are presented news in such a way which negatively displays the enemy countries of your country and positively displays the friend countries. Ever wondered why American news channels never reported the protests and racism happening in Israel, Japan, or South Korea? Only one answer – propaganda. Ever wondered why India and China are always depicted as poor countries? one answer– propaganda.It’s a trap laid for you to believe that at least your country is better than these 3rd world countries..

And Nah-uh, it’s not the just USA, it’s the entire world which does this. Even Indian media itself is so bias that you have to think why did you even waste time in educating yourself when you could have just written a fake story and given it to Indian media. You are living in a world where your own country, its majority and what it likes seeing the most, is picked as a topic and spread as a news to you. Dividing person on basis of region, race, caste, color are all tactics to get those clicks and TRP ratings.

This was just television news. Now let’s go to the “entertainment” industry. Of course, the American industry dominates the world and it has done enough stereotypes about people, their culture, and their country. But again, have Indians looked into their own media?

If a person is poor, he’s a Bihari, if he’s rich – Gujarati, if someone drinks a lot- he’s Punjabi. This was just stereotypes about our own people. Now let’s go to foreigners: If a person is too white, he’s American/British,  a terrorist is always shown as a Pakistani, a cartoon join venture glorifies India-Japan-South Korea ties but never has anyone glorified the centuries of relations with the Arabs, with China, with Europe etc. India had no relations with Japan, South Korea, America, in the past (only once when a Korean price married an Indian princess). Americans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, all countries feed propaganda through their idiot boxes. No country is free from this. (Still, I don’t know why democratic countries make fun of communist countries and their  “propaganda” when they themselves are being fed propaganda by even their private-owned news channels? LOL )

And have I talked about how they depict women? Oh god! Women and their bodies are used as a tool to attract male viewers. Wondered why playboy is so famous? -semi-nude women, Why is porn so famous? – nude women and sex, Why is 50 shades of grey so famous? – sex. Men are socially forced to have muscles and women are socially forced to have good bodies. Why? – media depiction!

Even the education which we are getting in our schools is highly scripted. For once, try to compare your history books to Wikipedia and you will realize how much of fake and one-sided information you were learning. For once, go to your geography books and try to locate right borders with the help of internet. You will be shocked!

Micheal Jackson is not a perfect person! neither is Miley Cyrus or one direction! They are all told to act perfect way before the interview starts. Way before the concert starts. Way before they go public. This is done to make people their fans and to depict them as someone perfect. This is how the producing team gets money!  (Saying this as an ex-directioner! Can show you video clips proving my point!) Reality TV shows are also scripted which contradicts the name itself.

It’s also not completely their fault. They are selling us what we wanna see. Sex, food, and beauty are things which human mind unconsciously craves for. And when we get this, we feel happy and buy more. Business has started influencing people in good and bad ways but the worst thing it has ever done is that it has created a fake world. A world where women should be sexually appealing, where a man should have a large d*ck, where brown people are terrorists and white people are cool. Where east Asians are studious and South East Asians are sex slaves and where blacks are gangsters. Where the colonization of Europe is seen as worst but nobody talks about other huge colonisations.

Come out of this fake world and make friends with education.