We live in a false world!


Shocked? We do live in a false world! and the most important thing is that we don’t even realize that! We deliberately are pushed into watching and hearing things which are actually turned and twisted to get a false belief in our minds and to control our lives. Here’s how it goes…

How to know that?

Turn on the television right now and switch to a news channel. What you are seeing is not just news, its propaganda. It is a propaganda because you are presented news in such a way which negatively displays the enemy countries of your country and positively displays the friend countries. Ever wondered why American news channels never reported the protests and racism happening in Israel, Japan, or South Korea? Only one answer – propaganda. Ever wondered why India and China are always depicted as poor countries? one answer– propaganda.It’s a trap laid for you to believe that at least your country is better than these 3rd world countries..

And Nah-uh, it’s not the just USA, it’s the entire world which does this. Even Indian media itself is so bias that you have to think why did you even waste time in educating yourself when you could have just written a fake story and given it to Indian media. You are living in a world where your own country, its majority and what it likes seeing the most, is picked as a topic and spread as a news to you. Dividing person on basis of region, race, caste, color are all tactics to get those clicks and TRP ratings.

This was just television news. Now let’s go to the “entertainment” industry. Of course, the American industry dominates the world and it has done enough stereotypes about people, their culture, and their country. But again, have Indians looked into their own media?

If a person is poor, he’s a Bihari, if he’s rich – Gujarati, if someone drinks a lot- he’s Punjabi. This was just stereotypes about our own people. Now let’s go to foreigners: If a person is too white, he’s American/British,  a terrorist is always shown as a Pakistani, a cartoon join venture glorifies India-Japan-South Korea ties but never has anyone glorified the centuries of relations with the Arabs, with China, with Europe etc. India had no relations with Japan, South Korea, America, in the past (only once when a Korean price married an Indian princess). Americans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, all countries feed propaganda through their idiot boxes. No country is free from this. (Still, I don’t know why democratic countries make fun of communist countries and their  “propaganda” when they themselves are being fed propaganda by even their private-owned news channels? LOL )

And have I talked about how they depict women? Oh god! Women and their bodies are used as a tool to attract male viewers. Wondered why playboy is so famous? -semi-nude women, Why is porn so famous? – nude women and sex, Why is 50 shades of grey so famous? – sex. Men are socially forced to have muscles and women are socially forced to have good bodies. Why? – media depiction!

Even the education which we are getting in our schools is highly scripted. For once, try to compare your history books to Wikipedia and you will realize how much of fake and one-sided information you were learning. For once, go to your geography books and try to locate right borders with the help of internet. You will be shocked!

Micheal Jackson is not a perfect person! neither is Miley Cyrus or one direction! They are all told to act perfect way before the interview starts. Way before the concert starts. Way before they go public. This is done to make people their fans and to depict them as someone perfect. This is how the producing team gets money!  (Saying this as an ex-directioner! Can show you video clips proving my point!) Reality TV shows are also scripted which contradicts the name itself.

It’s also not completely their fault. They are selling us what we wanna see. Sex, food, and beauty are things which human mind unconsciously craves for. And when we get this, we feel happy and buy more. Business has started influencing people in good and bad ways but the worst thing it has ever done is that it has created a fake world. A world where women should be sexually appealing, where a man should have a large d*ck, where brown people are terrorists and white people are cool. Where east Asians are studious and South East Asians are sex slaves and where blacks are gangsters. Where the colonization of Europe is seen as worst but nobody talks about other huge colonisations.

Come out of this fake world and make friends with education.


You are not educated….


“Education” is the benchmark of being socially acceptable. But, sadly, most of us in this world are actually NOT educated. I’m not kidding !! It’s completely true…

 Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research.

So, an educated person means a person who has taken education. Simple isn’t it? WELL, it’s NOT.

All of you talk about the “kids in Africa” but isn’t it an excuse? Is the education which you are receiving completely correct? In reality, the “education” we are getting, has nothing to do with the actual definition of education. Which actually means we are not getting any education! we are horses. We are dressed up every day to go to a field where we are put to work and made to run. The horse which runs the most gets recognized, gets fame and jobs. All the other horses are losers. They are sent back to be trained again to be as good as the winner.

“But hey, we are taught values in school” yes. Values like “respect your elders no matter what” which results in boys getting beaten up and girls getting molested and the culprits getting away with it only because they are adults. The recent #metoo tweets are enough to prove that all millennial girls of all places in the world were molested/raped at a young age BY AN ADULT most of the time.

And what “skills” were you taught in class? Were you taught “how to concentrate?” “how to speak in public?” “how to gain confidence?” “how to be positive?” “how to deal with fears?” etc  NO!! All these things came under “personal problems” for some reason and you had to go the teacher in person to talk which most kids never did. It’s a shame that we have to take the help of google to learn these things now…

In some schools, even good touch and bad touch are never taught. They are taught these things later in the last year of the school sometimes. But that is wrong! You can’t trust anyone today. There are pedophiles waiting to molest your children and they do this mostly to YOUNG children who are apparently UNAWARE of good and bad touches.

The basic geography and history books have propaganda filled in them. The science, the math, the languages taught to us are taught according to the age-old ways. Do you guys know the Vedic method of mathematics? The abacus, soroban ways? FYI, these methods are the easiest to learn and can make anyone a math champion. But they are never taught. Similarly, there are simple hacks to learn any language. But neither are they taught. My article on this topic has more to say – Click here to see it

Education is not just related to school. Education actually starts at home. But we all know how “good” the home atmosphere is. The constant nagging, the ignorance, the sexism, the constant fights between parents, etc are the common reason why kids love their friend groups more than home. CHILDREN MIRROR PARENTS. Only teaching about how to walk, how to speak, how to poop is not enough. He/she is a HUMAN BEING, not a robot.

We are tamed to look and act in the desired way leading to the ONLY external development and no INTERNAL development by the school,by parents, and by society.

The atmosphere your country is providing is also important. For eg, a person in Japan can send his kid to buy grocery and will have no worries like “What if someone kidnaps him?”  “What if they fool him and take more money from him seeing that he’s a child?”  But a person in most countries will have to worry about their kid’s safety. And the hack of both situations was – EDUCATION.

Education does not mean reading books.

It does not mean having a lot of degrees.

It does not mean being able to earn money only.

what it really means, is internal and external development in such a way that all humans can live peacefully, happily and being able to THINK, being able to EXPRESS, being able to DEVELOP this planet for all living beings.

It is true that some educational institutions are exceptionally good. But either they have hefty fees or they require only A graders to enter.

So, guys, there is no difference between us and African kids. They are not getting proper education and neither are we…