How to understand women..


Women and their minds are complex. Thus, “women are difficult to understand” is often quoted. If we want to understand women, we need to understand why they behave in a certain way and how to deal with it…

Here’s how you can understand women…

1. Just like men like beautiful women, women like handsome men.

This is why when an ugly man approaches them, they retaliate. They hate ugly men. DEAL WITH THIS. But this ugly men theory applies most of the time for strangers. If she’s your office mate, college mate, etc then she would be okay to talk to you. She will befriend you but you won’t be her first choice as a “lover”. She might come back to you if she’s betrayed and realizes you were better but that only proves my point that you’re not her first choice if you’re ugly.

2. Most of them like men who give them freedom.

Although it is up to the personal choice of a woman who she would choose as a partner, most of them like guys which let them speak, let them be free and independent and most of all – which can love them and keep them happy. Just take the example of a dad (because for a woman, a dad is her favorite man on this planet)

A dad loves his daughter, a dad protects her, a dad even lets her take a stand, lets her do what she wants and let her act childish. Women like to express themselves a lot. They like to dress up, go shopping or even like to do guy-like things. In their eyes, they should not be said that “you are a woman, you should not do this”. This is when they will get angry (anybody will).

Bottom line: don’t underestimate their capabilities and let them express themselves in front of you or even the world.

3.They like to joke and fool around.

Yes, they do!! But the world just magically assumes that a woman can’t be funny. But they can! Sometimes they just wanna joke with you. You can tell that by their face – happy face with curious eyes and smile. They like to touch and slap you just for fun. Nothing wrong with that. So next time you see a girl joking around, just be normal! she likes to joke and just because she’s joking, does not mean she wants to sleep with you.

This is the most important thing which guys misunderstand. You may say that “oh, of course, I know this” but in reality, you fall in love with her the moment she smiles. But she was just willing to joke around like a normal person. And that’s why girls always ask “Why do you love me?” because, in their eyes, they were just being normal. Joking around like a normal person.

You should not fall for her only because of her beauty or her body(women should also not do this to men). Women like people who also recognize their work and achievements more than their beauty.

4. Most of the time she’s NOT ASKING FOR IT.

Many people have wrong notions that if a woman exposes skin, behaves like men, or does other “unusual” things, she’s asking for it. No! she’s doing those things because she likes doing that! If a girl has a man like point no 2, she will feel free to be herself. So that’s why she does things like those. A normal girl will NEVER sleep with a random guy. (except for sluts).

So better go with the word. Meaning, ONLY if she directly asks you for sex, she’s interested. OTHERWISE SHES NOT. If you force yourself on her, it would be taken as rape/attempt to rape/molestation/ etc.

5. She doesn’t like catcalling.

Some men get flattered by cat calling but women don’t. Never catcall them. Even if your handsome, she won’t like it. Women like attention but not from random men.

Look at the signs and then only assume she likes you. This associate with history because women were subjected to forced sex all the time and this happens even today ( more women are then men) so she will see you as a threat if you catcall or misbehave with her.

So avoid doing this. You are only increasing your chance of being rejected.

6. She loves her family and friends/guardian.

Never say bad about her family or friends because they give her what she wants ( to not be judged and to be able to express herself without being judged). That’s why she has deep respect for them.

She will always talk about the important persons in her life in her daily conversations. Because that’s how she shows she values them. Like how mothers discuss the daily activities of their kids. If you figure out constant person(s) in her daily speech which she talks good about, never talk bad about them in front of her. She hates that.

Avoid talking bad about her parents, family, etc. Although both men and women should avoid talking bad about each other’s important people it is generally seen that a woman will get angrier. She will take out the anger in form of not talking, not responding, or working harshly/angrily.

7. Women like to lie.

The most famous thing about women is that they keep faking appreciations. This is true. But women do this mostly to avoid conflicts. I’ll explain how.

Women are self-conscious. They DO CARE how they are looking. So telling that “oh you look nice” is what they want. Be it from a man or a woman. Most women don’t realize this themselves. That’s why “you look ugly today” will only break the bond of the relationship.

That’s why they lie to each other because women will feel uncomfortable for the entire day if you say “you look ugly today”. I think this also has to do with the past too. In the past, women were supposed to dress in a particular way and if they don’t do that, they mostly got raped or got catcalled or got unnecessary attention which was a threat to their safety. Thus they might have developed this self-conscious attitude.

So, they wanna hear only a positive answer to “how am I looking?”.


8. Most women want you to guess what they want.

This mostly applies to their partners (boyfriends/girlfriends) and not to other people. They like to play the guessing games with you. The reasons can be different – like testing your knowledge about her, testing how your mind works (like do naughty things come in your mind first when asked to guess some action of her or not), or it can be a personal reason too.

You can try guessing nonsensical things. then she will get pissed off and eventually will tell you what she wants.

9. She needs a man in her life.

By man, I mean any man. Dad, brother, boyfriend, friend etc. Women love attention from men but only when the man is known to her and is not looking forward to harming her. This is why woman act different outside and different in the house.

So if she’s complaining about her pains to you, or even telling small things to you, you are an important man in her life whom she can trust. Again, important man is not meant to be boyfriend always. She can still friendzone you. She just wants you to console her. Then she’ll herself deal with the problem. She does the same with women. (which again brings us to point 7)

So you need to tell her that she can do it and deal with this problem. Also, say that you are with her and will support her. It will make her feel happy. 🙂

10. She likes to know what her boyfriend/husband is doing all day.

This I think, also has a connection with history. Women were not allowed to work and they can have a security threat if the man of the house dies. Which can explain why women like to keep a check on what her loved one is doing.

So next time, when she keeps calling you, you can just tell her that your fine and tell her to not call all the time because it can disturb your boss. (this trick will work because she wouldn’t want you to lose your job so if you say your boss is angry, she will get a clue that she’s disturbing you and won’t call again’)

11. Women still have the “how can you say this” in their mind (Which is contradictory to the “feminism” ideology)

What I mean is that, If she cusses you with bad words, she wants to be appreciated for being “strong” but when a man cusses her, she shows you the feminazi card. This exists and women need to accept this that they do this.

How to handle this: both don’t cuss/abuse/assault. (now that is what you call EQUALITY and JUSTICE)

“Freedom of speech people” can go cry and let feminazi ideology win. -_-

So these were some tricks which men can do.


Note: Exceptions are always there. No woman is the same but their characteristics will mostly be same because they all faced the same problems in the past which reflects in their behavior, attention skills, multitasking abilities, etc. But some jerk slut will always be there to ruin things for all women. So that’s why I suggest to find a slut and a normal woman first and then apply these things.

Note 2: I don’t claim these to be right. These are my ideas based on their history, their biology and their mind structure and functions.

Note 3: Sometimes even women don’t know things about them. So some women might feel these are wrong. My answer to them is that they can deny these facts but they can’t deny history and science. Scientific terms are not mentioned here because not all people will understand them.

Note 4: I am a woman myself.

Note 5: According to me, the basic idea of feminism is in points 2,3, and 4. I also feel that women are suppressed especially in Asia and Africa and changes need to happen. I’m a feminist too but not a feminazi. Accept that we can’t run a world without men or even woman. We need both. But I feel western women have more rights and equality than eastern women.

Note 6: I have no idea how the attitude of western women is. so most of these points apply to eastern women and their way of life. Maybe west has the same or it does not. ( i feel they have the same)

Note 7: You will note that most of these points apply to men too. This only proves that men and women are EQUAL. They have equal feelings. But women EXPRESS it more than men. That’s it.



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We live in a false world!


Animal rights : The right and the wrong.


There is at least one person in every group who is all about preserving animals and fighting for their rights. All that is okay but there are various things which he/she get’s wrong about animal rights. Today is the day we separate the right and wrong ways to fight for animal rights…

First of all, what is animal rights?

Wikipedia says, “Animal rights is the idea in which some, or all, non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests—such as the need to avoid suffering—should be given the same consideration as similar interests of human beings.”

Got it?

Okay now, let’s move on to what problems animals suffer. But first, what is the definition of “problems”?

“Problem is a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome”.

So it means that a problem is a kind of situation which is harmful to one’s life. Easy?


Now, what is harmful or threatening to an animals life?

  • Being Killed
  • Being injured
  • Being chased
  • Kept in cages
  • Not given proper food
  • Physically Unfit
  • Getting a disease
  • Not getting treatment
  • Harassed


Just like humans, animals have their own ways of responding to these problems. Now let’s see how they react to problems.


How animals react to a given problem :

  • Barking/screaming/screeching etc.
  • Running
  • Attacking etc

Do humans realize when an animal is in trouble? Yes.

See this picture :


What can you tell from this picture?

  • The Deer is running
  • Tiger is attacking

Why is tiger attacking?

  • He is responding to the problem of hunger.

Why is the deer running?

  • He is responding to being attacked by a stronger animal.
  • He is trying to solve his problem of survival.

There are various other examples like barking of a dog, running of a squirrel, rat’s running when they see you,  insects running when they see rats, etc

So, what can we say from all the discussion above?

  • Animals have problems.
  • They respond to these problems in their own ways.
  • Most of the response is either attacking or running.
  • This is because animals have a less developed brain.
  • Humans can detect when an animal seems to have a problem.


So basically, we now know what problems animals face and how they respond to it. We can also detect their problems to a very good extent.


Then why don’t animals like elephants, tigers, monkeys, etc not respond by using an attack or run when they are made to work in a circus? The elephant is obviously much powerful than human but he get’s food so he doesn’t complain. But it still is wrong because we are using them for our entertainment. It would have been justified if it was the ONLY source of entertainment. But it is not. Similarly, there are various other animal rights movements which are for a correct cause.


Like :

  • Protesting against aquariums (sea animals need sea not fucking fish tanks)
  • Protesting against working animals on the field  (nowadays we have the farming technology and it is the duty of the govt to update the people and their methods of working.)
  • Protesting against shooting of animals (except when shooting is done as a necessity and not a luxury )
  • Protesting against local zoo (Yes zoo does protect animals but it also keeps them in cages. How would you feel if you were kept in a cage? My fellow Democratic people, this is what you hate and animals must be hating it too)
  • Protesting against animal leather products (you don’t even need animal leather because again, it is a luxury, not a necessity)

Wrong protests:

  • Protests against animal by-products – Extracting by-products from animals is not harmful at all but the place where you’re keeping the animals for extracting it is important.The place should be clean, you should keep animals healthy and give them food too. Extracting from wild animals is a big no-no.
  •  Protests against animal slaughter – Look, we are not going and eating random animals. We are eating those which are good for our health and we are not eating snakes and shit. We are eating only a few animals. Btw, animals eat animals too. Cats eat their own babies sometimes.
  • Protest against animal testing – Animal testing is needed for human survival and development. If humans don’t survive, animals can’t survive too. Domestic animals are surviving only because humans have made them domestic. Otherwise, all of them would have been dead because the wild animals would have killed them. Also, don’t forget the food chain.


How can animal protesters and non-protesters both stay happy?

  1. Stop zoos and make animal reserves. Animal reserves don’t put animals in a cage and let them live like they naturally live.
  2. Stop use of leather clothes and accessories.
  3. Stop circuses because we have a lot of other options for entertainment.
  4. Animal testing should not be stopped but should be done carefully causing less harm. If possible, use them for research on animal simulation technology. After 3-4 years, there would no longer be a need to use real animals. But still, they would be needed to an extent.
  5. Not diving people on the basis of what they eat (FYI, the caste system in India had food choices as one of the characteristics for the division of people. Don’t let caste system be reborn.)
  6. Learn the difference between necessity and luxury.
  7. Aquarium which is huge in size and is not like a cage is a good option. (works like an animal reserve)




Thus, animals do have rights but your protests should have logical reasons and, alternatives. Distinguishing between the right and the wrong cause is also important.

Thanks for reading and tell your opinions in the comment section below.

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