Equality is powerful…


Feminism – the word which scares everyone.

Feminism – the word which is used quite often by women and quite less by men.

Feminism – the word which has its meaning clear but not for most people who follow it.

Feminism was required in the past centuries in the west when women had no constitutional as well as social rights.

Feminism is required in the present centuries in many countries of Asia and Africa where women still don’t have constitutional and social rights.

But, the third wave feminism from the west, is affecting the women in the east.

West is the centre of all the media and it says what it sees – third wave feminism. And the east believes what it sees, which is – third wave feminism. Result: Intersexual anger in the west, more patriarchy in the east.

But how can we end this?

Is there no hope?

Guys, there is a solution.

And no, the sentences earlier weren’t “intros”. They were realities which one should not forget to read.

In fact, when I was doing a research on this topic I saw that many “feminist” websites had written thousands of articles on “importance of matriarchy”. I’m like, girls, feminism means equality, not matriarchy!!

Now, if the world hates patriarchy so much, does it mean that it wants “matriarchy” (at least the third wave feminists want matriarchy, don’t they?)

So, Let’s focus on the “unheard” and “unnoticed” tribes/cultures of the world which are predominantly matriarchal..

These are ethnic minorities of each country who are practising matriarchy in a patriarchal culture :

  1. Mosuo’s of China.
  2. Minangkabau’s of Indonesia.
  3. Akan’s of Ghana.
  4. Bribi’s of Costa Rica
  5. Garo’s of India.

Why do they have matriarchal culture?

  1. These cultures support education for all.
  2. Women stand for themselves.
  3. Women raise a voice against the injustice done to them.
  4. Men support women in their fight.

What changes does matriarchy do there which is different from patriarchy?

  • Due to matriarchy, these groups have :
  1. Fewer rapes
  2. Less molestation
  3. Caring people.
  4. A quite happy and safe environment.

All these things are really good. But is that enough for a country to be successful economically and socially? Do these groups have no problems? No.

These groups still have the same problems which patriarchal society have – poverty, corruption, etc.

Yes, we can solve rape problems by adopting matriarchy.But is that enough? Why don’t we hit two targets with one arrow? Is it even possible to control rapes AS WELL AS solve other problems too? Yes, it is.

The solution – NEUTRAL CULTURE

Is there a country which is truly feminist? Which maintains an equal culture?

Well yes, there are many countries doing that.

According to weforum, these are the countries which are the most gender neutral


Our main goal here is to discuss that HOW are we gonna make our countries gender equal. And here’s how these countries did it :

  1. By giving a good education to every citizen.
  2. By not focusing on religion.
  3. By embracing humanity.
  4. By stopping corruption and poverty.
  5. By embracing individualism when required and communal society when required thus making it difficult to have “stereotypes” about each other.
  6. By making their country strong enough to make humans live like humans.
  7. By giving justice to everyone.


If you guys have read about these countries, you will know that they have really good HDI and GDP. Which also makes them a developed country in a true sense.

And it’s not that these countries don’t have problems at all. But these countries have better healthcare and education which makes them less problematic than other countries. In these countries, there is a hope and positivity which our countries often lack.

So are you getting it? What these people did is that they :

  1. Brought a good government and the government did its work.
  2. Made their culture open to change and made sure everybody follows what is morally right and not just religiously right.


Basically, these countries made a cooperation of government and people and together solved their problems and brought EQUALITY and FEMINISM in its true sense.

We in our countries focus on complaining. We keep complaining. We never do anything to solve our problems. Which leads to people not SEEING change. So we only rely on media and we all know how much “correct” our media is. This brings anger in the west and more patriarchy in the east. Not saying that west is/was not patriarchal. But if we say that patriarchal means that men rule, then certainly men are ruling more in the east than the west.

All we need, is to stop complaining and start going in the right direction..



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One world,two sides – Village culture vs city culture


Yesterday I went to my village and wanted to buy something. When asked about the price, the seller said I need not pay the money. Awestruck, I got confused. Why on earth is this man not taking money from me? He said, “You are our guest. We don’t take money from our guests”…

Before people start wondering, my grandfather was from that village and he shifted to the city but he still has a home in the village. We rarely visit the village but when we do, this happens all the time.

I came home with a frowned face. I was like, “Why are the people not taking money? how are they gonna survive without money?” my grandfather said, that people in the village HAVE NEVER seen any cases of theft, murder, rape, etc. So they actually RARELY meet any bad person. Thus, they don’t doubt any random person they meet and treat them like their own. For them, the guest is more like a god than a threat and the poor people will get food by a donation from the rich. I was amazed and my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I have never seen something like this happen…

Then I started to think that why the people in villages and those in cities behave so differently. I mean, hell none will ever not take money from me in the city. In fact, they will fool me and take more money. I realized that people in villages have limited demands. A little house, food, a nice neighborhood and a good family is enough for them. But in the cities, you want a big house, big car, your own “space”, a laptop, computer, Xboxes, and what not. Our demands just don’t stop. A village person will be happy for his neighbor when he buys a car. The city person will be jealous of his neighbor.

Don’t you think our selfishness, our anger, our frustration’s in the city are so much that we ourselves invite thefts and murders? There are poor people in the villages too and not all of them get donations. But they still don’t do theft. Why? because they think that “Why should I take someone else’s money?” No one has taught them to think like this. They have taught THEMSELVES to think like this. Why? Because people around them are like this…

If I tell you, “Don’t give me any money. This is your gift” you will be in tears because you are so amazed at the amount of humanity and love you are getting from a freaking unknown person!!!..

I don’t know about the west but I’m quite sure that every person in the east is getting what I’m saying because they must have experienced the same love when they went to visit their villages.

If some people are not getting what I’m saying, take a look at this man from a small village in India. This man here cooks a huge amount of food DAILY for orphan children. He doesn’t expect a PENNY from them. He is old but still so energetic. His grandchild shoots a video for him and uploads it on YouTube.

Here is the link to one of his videos (Non-sponsored post btw)

This will hardly happen in the city. People are so insensitive that they won’t even take the food from the person who genuinely wants to help them. They will think “He has put poison in it and wants to take money from us by killing us”. Numerous nerve cells, brain activity, everything will work to predict the real purpose of this man and his acts towards them. A villager will quietly take it without even doubting the person…

The city people need to have some sensitivity and some good education about human values. Human values don’t need to be embedded. They automatically are present in us. We just need to express it because this is what the villagers do. They don’t just speak. They act and when they act altogether, the rotten apple between the good apples can turn good too…..

How beautiful is such a society where everyone is happy from within!

Let’s strive to make our cities better.

One day, there will be no sorrow.