Technology hacks for students which can make studies easier..

We are in the 21st century and already 15-year-olds are seen with smartphones hanging in their pockets..  you may smirk and curse technology but, the truth – you can’t run away from it.  Technological advancement is the future.

But coming back to 2018, we all know that students do know a lot about gadgets like video games, mobile phones, laptops etc. But can they use these for helping them study?

Study through technology :

  1. Audiobooks

Ebooks are easy to access, but if your child doesn’t even hold a real physical book, how can you expect him to read the ebook? Here is where the audiobook comes into the picture.

Audiobooks have narrators who narrate the books in an expressive way. Sentences denoting happiness will be expressed by happiness, sentences denoting awe will be expressed by the same and so on..

Your child will never get bored by audiobook. The only thing you need to do is find the right book and the right narrator. Robotic narrators won’t do the work.

Various celebrities have also narrated audiobooks. You can start with the celebrity books to generate interest in the child. Then you can continue with study-related audiobooks.


2. Youtube videos

Youtube is a great platform for video browsing. There are all sorts of educational channels you can watch.

But there are also various distractions. Youtube recommendations interfere with the actual video and you end up watching something unrelated like a cat playing with a dog. Is that what you came for?

You can make another account itself instead of using your personal account. Make one account for all your kids, Subscribe and watch only educational videos and control recommendations by reading this article on the same.

Recommended list :


3. Games

Woah! don’t get shocked. Games such as Spelling Master, Word connect, etc are pretty good for a 10-12-year-old.

For kids who are 15-18, high-level math games, science games, are also available. Don’t worry these are really good games which can develop their skills.

Recommended list :


4. Blogging :

Blogging contains articles which are deeply worked upon. If you leave aside all the celebrity fanfiction related articles, you can get the best stuff possible only by reading blogs.

Tumblr is a very good mico-blogging site. But you can also access the blogs you wanna read about, by Google itself.

Whatever you wanna know about, especially when its related to travelling, food and personal life, there are infinite blogs you can binge read. If you’re a student of fields related to these, reading blogs can be very very helpful to you.

There are blog articles for almost everything in the world. Blog article reading may also develop a certain liking for reading books which may help you to alteast pick the school book up and read it for once.

Top blogging sites lists :

5. Movies!

Ahh, the best part! If you are a student of medical science, engineering, you have a tremendous stock of movies for you. Sci-fi is also a good relief from traditional science movies. You can watch some really well-made movies like 3 idiots, The great debates, etc

Recommended lists :

6. Apps

There obviously many many apps which you can download for helping you study better. Sometimes people ONLY study from the apps and pass their exams too!

With apps, you have ensured mobility, ease of learning, and entertainment.

Recommended apps for particular fields :



So that’s it friends, hope you liked our article. If we missed out on something, please comment it down below in the comment section.

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