The biggest problem with feminism and how to solve it..

Feminism is something you gotta know about. Your view of feminism matters a lot and it can change the way people look at you.

If you say that “I love women who drink and smoke” instead of saying “I have no problem with women who drink and smoke in moderation”, you will create a bad impression!

But that’s the main problem regarding feminism – ITS MEANING!

Different people have different opinions on feminism.

All that is okay, but there lies a much bigger problem underneath it, – different cultures ALSO have a different opinion on feminism….

In most of Asia, there is a communal culture. Meaning, how you represent yourself in the society, will reflect the image of your parents, your cousins, your friends, your job and EVERYTHING associated with you.

This leads to a pressure on every human being here to either save yourself (by running away/giving your life/doing odd jobs/heading to crime world) or save your loved ones (do as the society says). And most people, choose the latter option to save their loved ones from shame.

In such a communal structured environment, there are of course some parameters set in the society. These parameters if followed will give you a good life and if not followed, will give you a difficult life, a stuggling career.

Now, how is this related to feminism? The thing is that there are parameters for women and men in this harsh Asian society. Most, if not all countries in Asia have “roles” for men and women – women cook and men work.

Although fortunately, most Asian countries have brought an impressive amount of change in the decade leading to women and men getting rights, there STILL exists a thinking that women are less stronger than men.No matter how much you deny it, it does exist.

Don’t believe me? ever seen animae? the woman is busty and childish and all she does is be cute. Most of the main work is done by a man. Asian dramas? – casual promotion of stalking and violence to get a woman. Media reflects thinking.


Comming to the west, here we have an individualistic culture. Whatever you choose, it only affects YOUR IMAGE.

But here also, there is some kind of over-the-top feminism. Changing traffic signs because it shows a man? Is cleavage empowerment? wanting to change the whole language because it’s “sexist”? There are so many other examples citing everything wrong with feminism in the west. Maybe some of these demands of the people MIGHT be genuine but how does that come under “feminism”. People use that word to demand this?


Feminism is a range of political movementsideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.


The definition says that there should be equality in all the important fields like education, jobs etc. Which is VERY CRUCIAL.

But Asia seems too stringent to accept change and embrace individuality and the western cultures seem overly democratic and accepting of ANYTHING which matches their personal demands.

This is the big problem – being too communal and being too much non-communal.

Considering the definition is clear, the only solution is :

  1. Trying to run the race like the tortoise – there has been enough brainwashing. Don’t be arrogant while explaining your ideas to the community. Let the society TAKE ITS TIME to digest what is happening. It’s very important for women and men to have equal rights but it can’t happen in one day!


2. Media exposure – I like the effort of western films to bring women empowerment. Especially when they said capital marvel has a big role and its a WOMAN, makes me happy as a woman. Asia needs to step up its game and give women good roles.

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marvels lady superheroes

3. The community does matter – The upper hand in Asia is that if you can convince the elders, you can convince most people. This type of community acceptance seems less common in the west.


4. More and more exposure – It’s cruel to separate men and women. It’s the cruellest thing you can do. The more women and men meet, become friends, know each other, the more they care for each other. By separating the genders you are just making problems worse.

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unisex schools help giving more exposure to both the genders thus increasing sympathy for the opposite gender.

5. Education – As we all know, the main problem is not knowing the correct meaning of feminism. So proper education about feminism is important too.




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