Types of people you should NEVER befriend.

Nobody likes a bad friend. It is better NOT to befriend them. But, how do you know whom to befriend and whom to not? Here is the answer….


  1. The “cool” ones :

  • Everyone LOVES to be friends with this person.
  • These people are the most famous and “cool” ones in the school.
  • But when YOU are in a problem, they will always be skeptical to help you.
  • They will always find ways to maintain their “image” and even if their image can be maintained by ditching you, they WILL do that too.
  • Never ever befriend them they will hurt you the most.


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Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical is the best example


2. The jokers :

  • These are the people who only want attention.
  • They keep cracking jokes, entertaining people to get attention.
  • If you befriend them, sure, you will enjoy the show but when you will really need them, they will not help you for sure.
  • Their main goal in life is to be “popular”
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3. The “I don’t care” ones :

  • There are various people who get attracted to the “doesn’t give a fuck” type people.
  • It’s not wrong to get attracted to them but it is wrong to trust them.
  • They clearly don’t give a fuck about you.
  • They only care about themselves and nobody else.
  • it is also uncertain whether they themselves will accept you as a friend or not.
  • Because they DONT CARE.
  • They come and leave college/school/office on their own, eat lunch on their own, and do work on their own.
  • You can make out from one’s face whether he/she wants to talk to someone or not. But these people don’t even show those signs. Which clearly shows that they aren’t even interested in making new friends.
  • Yes, they could appear to some as “shy” but again, shy person at least shows some signs that he/she cares about someone.



4. The subtle slavery ones :

  • These are the MOST COMMON people you will ever find.
  • It’s not that they are bad people but they also cant be trusted if you wanna make long-lasting friends and end up with one of these.
  • They are good people, but only in school/college/office.
  • They befriend you to use you.
  • They are nice to you and crack jokes etc, but only to gain your confidence.
  • Then they will tell you to do THEIR work.
  • Yes, its ok to do someones work sometimes but NOT ALL THE TIME.
  • These people will start asking favors from you MOST OF THE TIME.
  • They be like “oh honey please do this for me”, “this is the last time”, but the “last time” never comes and you have become their servants now.


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5. The rich and spoilt :

  • It is our natural tendency to get attracted to money.
  • Some even end up being a slave to a rich guy/girl just because he/she is rich.
  • If the person is genuinely a good person and being rich is just his economic status, then its ok.
  • But if the person is mean and he thinks that he deserves more friends only because he has a good economic status, then don’t befriend them.
  • A person who genuinely values his money will be down to earth rather than a show-off guy.
  • You will end up getting replaced.
  • Don’t befriend them.
  • They will also be mean and rude to you.
  • You don’t need to befriend someone who is just a rich and spoilt brat.



6. Those who suddenly isolate you :

  • Imagine how heartening it is, when you have befriended a really nice person but then suddenly he/she doesn’t talk to you anymore.
  • They quickly leave you without even a reason and befriend someone else.
  • It is hard to “identify” these people beforehand.
  • These people are also like the “I don’t care ones” but these people care about making friends but don’t care about maintaining the relationship.


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7. Who cross the boundaries :

  • Friends are people who you like to spend time with. They help you, guide you, hug you when you’re sad, make you laugh and make you feel good as a whole.
  • But there are people who want to befriend you just because you look good.
  • Sometimes they even cross the friend boundaries and start touching you at private places.
  • When they constantly keep flirting, touching, and treating you like an object, ITS TIME TO LEAVE THEM.
  • These people have their own tricks to befriend you.
  • They will use flirty lines or will ask you out. After you say no, they might say that “but we can be friends right?” and if you agree, they are good to you at times, but then they start being a jerk again.
  • Another characteristic is that they constantly keep adjusting their hair, their looks etc which one rarely does for a “friend”.
  • Identify them as early as possible and don’t befriend them.


8. Who doesn’t help you when in need :

  • Last but not the least, the most important person to not befriend is this one.
  • What is the use of a friend who doesn’t listen to your problems and doesn’t make an effort to help you out?
  • Yes, one can’t “fully” solve your problem but at least they will make an effort to help you as much as they can.
  • Let’s say you are depressed and you tell your friend about this. If he/she does not tell you to seek help, are real douchebags.
  • They would say that “oh let’s not talk about this ever again. I feel uncomfortable” and similar stuff that would make you sadder.
  • These friends are really hard to point out beforehand. But one possible way is that see what they do when you tell them to solve a very small problem of yours. If they at least TRY to solve it, you can be sure that they are good to keep.




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