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Why do people commit crime? Here is the answer..

Today’s blog is a bit serious. It’s about crime and criminals. Here we will tell you a simplified and easy explanation of crime theories…

What is a crime? (it’s very important to know the correct definition)

  • an action or omission which constitutes an offense and is punishable by law.
  • illegal activities.
  • an action or activity considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong.


But what is the CAUSE behind committing a crime?

Now, it’s VERY important to understand that :

Different countries have different views of WHAT is a crime. Strictly governed countries like North Korea have bizarre rules which they consider a crime. But the same would not be considered a crime in other countries.

So is there a universal definition of crime?

Yes. Most of the world believes in peace and non-violence. Especially the common people of any country. So, most of the world is usually against ANY violent crime. Like murders, rapes, etc. So we are gonna consider these UNIVERSAL crimes in this post today.

Coming to the main point, WHAT causes crime?

Various research has been done on this. The most crucial and well-known theories behind crime are :

  1. Labeling theory : 
  • It says that when you label a group as “bad people” or “good people”, it leads to crime.
  • The bad people always get more punishment, more investigation, are more likely to be suspected and are more likely to get injustice because people will think that “all these bad people always do bad only. Why pity them?”
  • Thus, the “bad group” is always discriminated against and left out and kicked out of the society leading them to do more crimes.

Usually considered bad – Black people, lower caste people, poor people, etc

Usually considered good – white people, upper caste people, rich people, celebrities, etc.

Detailed information –

2. Conflict theory :

  • This theory states that capitalism is the reason for crime..
  • In Capitalism, there is a divide between minorities and the majority, rich and poor etc. This divide causes people to have conflicts and thus, commit a crime.
  • The justice system also favors the rich businessmen.
  • The rich don’t want to lose their assets and the poor want to have some assets. This type of preservation-demand conflict gives rise to crime.

Detailed theory:

3. Other theories : 

  1. Crime happens due to societal pressure. Society expects us to excel in some aspects. Only then we will be accepted in the society. Those who can’t fulfill the needs of the society, either DEVIATE from it or RE-ENTER it. The deviant people commit crimes. (societal theory for crime)
  2.  Religion is a sensitive matter in the world. Especially in countries which are very religious and follow religious rules as constitutional rules. In such countries, going against the religion leads to not being accepted in the community which leads to crime.



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