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Working methods to know what EXACTLY do you want in life..

We are often confused as to what exactly we wanna do.This happens mostly to females as we constantly keep thinking about stuff and we don’t exactly drive to a conclusion about what exactly do we want. Like, what our real feelings are, choosing a career, what we wanna change in life etc..


I have a great method to help you know manually what you want in your life..

1.Encode your dreams :


  • By dreams, I mostly mean day as well as night dreams
  • As soon as you get a dream, you write it down
  • After a few days, you will notice that ALL your dreams have something which appears constantly every time.
  • Like maybe an item, a person or a place. When you catch it by going through your diary, you will realize that you secretly want that thing or there is something about it which has affected your life.
  • I myself have found what I needed. When I went through my diary, I realised I needed a platform to keep my views because I dreamt about speaking in public or being the prime minister etc. All of these things suggested that I wanted to be a person to whom people can listen. And this is also the reason I Started blogging.



Important note: Sometimes, what you want can depend on the situation you are in. When the situation changes, maybe your mind will crave for something else.

Eg- Let’s say you shift to some other place. You see a new boy/girl in the neighborhood and now you wanna be friends with him/her. Now, your dreams can feature that guy/girl in the direct or indirect way of presentation.


Bottom line – good for temporary cravings.



2. Take aptitude test : 


  • There are various aptitude tests which you can take which will tell you the career field you want to be in.
  • They are usually taken after board exams to decide whether the student wants arts, science or commerce field.
  • It is affordable and reliable.



Works best for choosing career options



3. Ask your parents/teachers/ friends :


  • Sometimes your dear ones who have seen you every day can pick up some good habits that you possess.
  • You can ask them what they think you are good at.
  • And then you can try that thing. 
  • I suggest asking each of these people and see whether they say a COMMON thing rather than relying on one person only.
  • It is also necessary that these people are trustable. (lol)
  • In short, ask people whom you trust and believe they won’t get biased towards you.


Bottom line: Ask a trustable person to point out the talents they see in you. 



4. Consult a therapist/ counselor : 


  • This is a very important thing which people easily ignore.
  • Guys, you are lucky if you have a therapist in the city where you live.
  • Some poor people don’t even have access to thatsleep-835468_960_720
  • But you have it. Then why not make use of it?
  • Therapist/counselor usually help people to discover their true feelings and their inner thoughts and bring out the change in you.
  • Once you go there, you will realize it’s not a scary place it’s a place which will remove your scary thoughts.



Bottom line: Take help from a professional 



5. Try out things :


  • Sometimes you just need to try out thingsforyourselves and see whether they give you a kick.
  • I personally think this step is ridiculous because it is really exhausting, time-consuming and chances of being successful are also less. Plus, it will cost a lot of money
  • But many people have done this and have actually become successful.
  • See the successful YouTubers, they just had put their videos on YouTube for fun and look where they are now. Same goes for all businessmen who are successful.
  • So, this step is good if other things didn’t give you any result.
  • It’s better we keep it as a backup plan if other steps don’t work out for you.


Bottom line: Trying out things personally can work too.



6. Boost your thinking skills :magic-cube-1976725_960_720

  • Start reading books, or get yourself doing something which makes you do a lot of brain work.
  • Chess, Sudoku, etc are good games, to begin with.
  • You can also read random Wikipedia articles.
  • All this will make your brain develop a good and fast thinking,
  • This is how ideas will come “Suddenly” in your brain once you are resting.
  • Try out that ideas and see whether it works out for you.
  • Reference: If you take a note of people who have been successful by sudden discoveries, you will notice that they weren’t lazy fat people. They were people who have had done some mind-related work. Be it getting degrees, or just playing indoor brian games.



7. Getting drunk : 

  • Yes! Got excited? Well, you should be.frogs-1650657_960_720
  •  When you get drunk, you usually speak the truth.
  • According to Bruce Bartholomew, author of “Alcohol Effects on Performance Monitoring and Adjustment: Affect Modulation and Impairment of Evaluative Cognitive Control,” alcohol doesn’t make you behave badly, it just makes you care less.
  • Which is why the random calls, messages etc are sent when your drunk. This is because you get more confidence.
  • So all you gotta do is to get drunk, record your voice or tell someone to listen to you and when you get back to normal, listen to the audio or tell your friend to tell what you said.
  • Btw, just like the first point, it can tell temporary feelings but what YOU WILL SAY/DO will be solely based on what constant thought was running through your mind all the time.


Again, good for taking a note of feelings and emotions. NOT FOR CHOOSING CAREER.



8. Mediation :meditation-2717462_960_720

  • Well, this is for exercise freaks.
  • Meditation helps you calm down
  • Once you calmed, your thoughts get a direction
  • You get to know what you want.
  • Tip: If you start as a beginner, you will notice that YOU CANT actually focus on breathing. You start thinking about something else. Catch it! Try this 2-3 times and see what you are seeing when you close your eyes to meditate. If that thought is consistent for mostly all attempts to meditation, That’s YOUR ANSWER!!!
  • If you are a pro, it can help you choose career options too. (But you need to have knowledge about different careers beforehand)



Bottom line: Good for knowing about emotions/thoughts/feelings as well as career



Note :

  1. I don’t claim these to be right but the things I’ve written is based on my experiences as well as taking notes from the back stories of successful people like bill gates, steve jobs etc
  2. You can try any one of them or all of them to be sure.
  3. Images from copyright free websites.



Hope you liked it guys

Thanks for reading

And don’t forget to get drunk

Merry Christmas

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